Zhanna Martirosyan overdid it with the “plasticity” and photoshop

Жанна Мартиросян перестаралась с «пластикой» и фотошопом
The wife of Garik Martirosyan made fun of “life” in Instagram.

Photo: Instagram

Zhanna Martirosyan differs with really good sense of humor. The wife of a resident “Comedy Club” constantly having fun in a personal blog, amuses its users and soon, apparently, ahead of his famous wife Garik popular in the Network.

This time Joan “walked” through the bloggers. For anybody not a secret that life in Instagram — it’s the same tales of the brothers Grimm, carried into the present. Girls invent the life that they would like to live. Therefore, Ms. Martirosyan decided to also become a blogger. She wrote a humorous post and published your photo in full growth, “slightly” podretushirovat it in photoshop.

“My name is Janusik, — she wrote. — I’m a blogger. I’m also a designer, model, actress, pivitsa and DJ. I have two higher education. I love to travel and Dolche Gabana. I was in Milani, in mosnac, in Nietzsche and in the outlet. I love sports. Don’t eat before 6 and after. My height 1м90см. Weight 35 kg. And it is only the chest. Nose, lips, cheekbones,legs, nails, hair, eyebrows, my eyelashes. I am against plastics and photoshop. Everything should be normal. Estesvenno beautiful. Man I comunitiy — with all find a common language. Favorite singer creed. My favorite book is “100 years of solitude” Paula Caelio. If I had a million dollars, I Kapako put in a kennel for stray dogs. Well, a million dollars would take. My status in life “What does not kill me makes me stronger.” Friedrich The Nice. Most of all, I want there to be peace in the world. Well, Mercedes, of course!”

The spelling and punctuation of the author saved. In fact, usually Jeanne writes intelligently, just a lot of little who has followed the spelling and punctuation, so that Martirosyan made fun of this moment.

Followers of Jeanne was delighted with this parody. Two hours after the publication under the post was already over a thousand comments! He noted there and star girlfriend Martirosyan. “Killed!” — texted her the singer Alsu. “It’s very funny!” — noted Yekaterina Varnava and put a lot of “neighing” and cheering “emoticons”.

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