Tickets for “hamlet” with Kozlowski sold out in 27 minutes

Билеты на «Гамлета» с Козловским раскупили за 27 минут

And now they’re gone and the next show: fan of the actor even dare expensive options 10 Grand for a ticket!

That’s it! Danila Kozlovsky is now more popular than many rock stars. The fans of the actor even joke that the performances won him time on the Ice.

But until that happens, all who wanted to attend the premiere of “hamlet”, which is scheduled for April 10, you can breathe and relax. This is unreal!

Woman’s Day traced how it was: half an hour before the start of sales at the box office MDT on Rubinsteina street is lined impressive line-up. The coveted window, as promised, opened precisely at noon. And 27 minutes later, tickets were gone. And no wonder: the queue to the cashier was occupied from 8 in the morning!

“You see, April 10 – Premier, is expected to be very many guests. We have already recorded in the queue 118, – admitted one of the employees of MDT box office five minutes before the start of sales. – So if you’re not in the queue, to go for tickets makes no sense”.

But hall main stage MDT – theatre of Europe holds no less than 445 people! The cashier advised me to try to buy tickets for the following dates in April the film will show twice, 20 and 21.

However, on April 20 tickets on sale anymore. Was only about 60 tickets for 21 April at the price from 3 to 10 thousand rubles.

The Internet didn’t help: wanting to get to “hamlet” was so much that just a few minutes, they brought down the website of MDT. And on the website they sold out even earlier. Well, in may of “hamlet” theatre poster is not included.

“I managed to “Usher” on April 20 to buy. Husband came to the theater box office at 10:30 , was # 63 in the queue”, – shared the good news one of the fans Kozlowski in social networks.

Well, the rest is to rely on dealers. It is not excluded that they will soon be in the presence of “extra tickets” on the relevant agiotage prices.

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