Child Catherine iftode did not recognize the son of Boris Nemtsov

Ребенка Екатерины Ифтоди не признали сыном Бориса Немцова The boy will not be able to claim the inheritance policy. The Zamoskvoretsky court has refused Catherine iftode, which claimed to recognize Boris Nemtsov the father of her son.

      Ребенка Екатерины Ифтоди не признали сыном Бориса Немцова

      In Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow has passed a private meeting, the results proved to be disappointing for Catherine iftode, acting as the plaintiff. The woman claimed to recognize Boris Nemtsov the father of her two year old son Bori. In this case, the boy could claim the inheritance of a prominent politician. The court found that there was no evidence of relationship between slain social activist and son of Iftodi.

      According to unconfirmed reports on the accounts of Boris Nemtsov are an impressive amount of money. However, all this wealth can be shared only between officially recognized heirs of the policy. At the moment they are 31-year-old Jeanne, a 19-year-old Anton and 13-year-old Dean and 10 year old Sophia. However, after the death of Boris showed up and two more children whose mothers say they too were born from Nemtsov.

      The son of Catherine iftode Boris, who is now two years old, and 17-year-old Daniel, whose mother is Anna Lesnikova, too, could fall into the list of contenders for the inheritance. But to confirm their relationship with Nemtsov need a DNA test, materials which to get not so easy. One option is the exhumation of the body politics, which strongly act against his relatives.

      In one of the talk shows Catherine iftode said she is ready to go to the cemetery with a shovel in order to find the truth. This statement is then shocked loved ones not only Nemtsov, but also ordinary viewers of the program. Will she continue to fight for the inheritance policy is still unknown. Catherine has not commented on the decision of the court.

      By the way, unlike iftode, Anna Lesnikova, who also claims that the father of her son is the Germans, not so categorical in their judgments. “About the inheritance the son is willing to refuse an inheritance, if you fail to get Borini biomaterials from the UK for examination, (the examination of DNA was carried out when He was little, but there’s no name of the father, he was not, he was in the government) to exhume the body, we will not go, and if it does not, we are not greedy people and they themselves have earned, not lost, foul play is not for us. I don’t want to disturb the rest of Boris and will not allow anyone to do it,” said Lesnikova.

      We will remind, not so long ago it became known about one of the allegedly illegitimate daughter of a politician. The mother of 9-year-old Zlata has provided proof of his innocence, the birth certificate of the child, which specifies the name of Boris Nemtsov as a father. However, whether the Pope girls famous politician or just his namesake, is not yet clear. Meanwhile, the former civil wife Ekaterina Odintsova Nemtsov said about Zlata: “It’s a family secret. When we can, I’ll tell you.”

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