Tiffany Thiessen commented on public breastfeeding

Тиффани Тиссен прокомментировала публичное грудное вскармливание

This was expressed only a mute. Breastfeeding in public causes some resentment and misunderstanding, while others think it’s completely normal and natural. Actress Tiffany amber Thiessen, star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210”, which recently for the second time became a mother, in an interview told how she is to feed your baby in public places.

Тиффани Тиссен прокомментировала публичное грудное вскармливание
“I think the woman is free to breastfeed her child wherever she wants and as she’s comfortable,” said the mother of nine-month-old son of Holt, when it comes to her, Tiffany is not so categorical.
“I also feel I have a right to public breastfeeding, but prefer to do it in the toilet or Smoking areas. At the same time, I don’t judge women who feed their babies feeding, sitting at the table in public places..But I can’t do that, it’s me” — said, as if apologizing, Thyssen.

Тиффани Тиссен прокомментировала публичное грудное вскармливание
Unlike Beyonce, who claimed that breastfeeding helped weight loss after giving birth, Tiffany magic effects not to notice.
“For me it’s a myth. I’m still far from my ideal weight and I don’t intend sits on the diet because my son is hurt,” said the actress.

Tiffany not upset about it, thinks all the time, but for now she concentrated on her family. Recall that together with her husband Brady Smith Thiessen raising another, and five year old daughter Harper and six rescued chickens Scarlett, Mabel, Clementine, Molly, Dolly and ruby.
“I swear I never thought that my husband could Lisp allowed. He’s like obsessed with them. With Harper they feed them and take care of them,” said the actress.
The word Tiffany, who was born and lived all his life in Los Angeles, loves to do vegetable garden.
“We have a large vegetable garden and a garden of citrus trees, such-our own little farm in the vicinity of the metropolis” — boasted Thyssen.

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