«Это дно»: Ольга Бузова публично унизила Анастасию Костенко Television personality and aspiring singer criticized the behavior of the wife of Dmitry Tarasov. According to Olga Buzova, Anastasia Kostenko tries to emulate her around. The statement of celebrities has provoked heated debate on the Network.
«Это дно»: Ольга Бузова публично унизила Анастасию Костенко

Model Anastasia Kostenko, who became the wife of Dmitry Tarasov in January of this year, said that in their family became one member larger. The couple decided to get a puppy Labrador. The choice of the Lokomotiv player posted a photo of an adorable pet in social networks.

Fans of Anastasia and Dmitri was quick to congratulate them on the Internet. Many have asked what nursery to the spouse purchased the animal, and expressed a desire to know the name of the puppy.

On one of the pages in social networks that discuss news from the world of stars, there was a photograph Kostenko with the pet. Commenting on the publication, TV presenter Olga Buzova announced that her ex-husband, Dmitry Tarasov wanted to get a Labrador. According to celebrity, Anastasia tries to imitate her. Singer and TV presenter has condemned the behavior of the model.

Users of social networks reacted differently to the statement of Olga. Some were quick to side with the presenter, while others called for her to stop paying attention to what is happening in the family of the former husband.

Earlier in an interview, Olga Buzova spoke to the new wife of Dmitry Tarasov. The star called her “a woman from Rostov”. Note that the divorce with the player was for the girls an ordeal. Over a long period of time Olga did not want to meet the opposite sex, because I was disappointed in it. According to Buzova, the contender for her heart need to do a great job. The presenter stressed that it is difficult to trust men.

As told Buzova, she often met those who have not experienced these feelings, and wanted to become famous at the expense of others. Olga extremely high demands on their partner. “Mediocre option from the category of “inferior Yes, my” won’t do. It is better to be alone than with just anyone. Want it to happen like in a fairy tale: rode the Prince on a white horse, and I lost my head. At least don’t agree,” said celebrity in an interview.

At the beginning of this year, Olga has attributed the novel with the colleague on shop by Timur Batrutdinova. Star vacationing in Thailand, and then took part in a photo shoot. Fans of TV presenter and showman think they look great together. Batrutdinov characterize your relationship with Buzova as “friendship on the edge”. In turn, Olga said that she likes the sense of humor of a resident of Comedy Club. “Even Timur into his family – we have that in common. I was very glad to see him in Thailand, spending time together,” said the girl. Timur Batrutdinov leaves the Comedy Club Olga Buzova