Участница «Дома-2» получила серьезную травму носа Tata Responsibility were forced to go to the doctors. As told to star telestroke in your birthday, she crashed into the glass Vitorino and bashed her nose. Tata first thought was nothing serious, but she later had to receive medical care.

Participant of “House-2” Tata blumenkranz admitted that birthday, which she celebrated on February 27, she will remember for a long time. According to the reality star, in a freak accident she got hurt nose against the transparent glass showcase in the Mall. Event details Tata has informed in the microblog.

“I felt bad, but even could not imagine that I could break his nose! Next to me the first al didn’t have a husband, I miss him very much. Went to the glade as soon as possible, where I waited for the surprise and suffered the pain, thought just got hit hard and everything goes, the blood seems to stop could and thought that everything is OK On the second day Beti touched the head of my nose, and I have again started bleeding. I decided to go to the emergency room, where I was x-rayed and said, “Girl, you up here? You have a fracture of the nasal bones without displacement! I was in a wild shock! I was very lucky that without bias! Today we went to the clinic, I was examined and had an appointment to ENT surgeon on Saturday,” said the wife Blumenkranz on the personal page in Instagram.

Besides 25-year-old reality star posted the direction to the doctor. Recall that Tata did rhinoplasty, as by nature she had a large nose. My wife Blumenkranz is Jewish and Armenian roots, which is undoubtedly noticeable in her appearance. But soon the young mother was waiting for another surgery. She decided to do breast augmentation surgery. This surgery was a gift from her husband Valery.

Recall that Tata Abramson had a baby in July 2017. A girl named Betty. Before pregnancy the star of telestroke there were difficulties in the relationship with her husband. However, things gradually got better.

“As soon as Valera learned the good news, immediately began to change for the better: become more reserved, quiet and attentive. Every day he enquired about my health, support and never offends. Recently on one of the live broadcasts of favorite even voiced this thought: he hoped for nine months his reverent attitude to me will become a habit,” said Tata in an interview.