Надя Сысоева помогает дяде, которого упекли в СИЗО Star Comedy Woman urged social media users to pay attention to the situation, which turned out to be her cousin Andrey Pavlov, living in Krasnoyarsk region. A man accused of receiving bribes in especially large size.
Надя Сысоева помогает дяде, которого упекли в СИЗО

Nadezhda Sysoeva tries to help his uncle – the chief doctor of the Krasnoyarsk clinical center of maternal and children’s Andrey Pavlov. Since the end of December last year, he is in custody on charges of financial fraud on a large scale. According to investigators, the man was in collusion with nurse Lydia, Liankevich. They are suspected of taking bribes in the amount of 10% of the contract amount.

Sysoyev believes that her uncle was not involved in the crime of which he was suspected. The actress turned to social networks with a request to sign a petition aimed at easing measure to Pavlov. Friends of the doctor insist that he has left the detention center because of health problems. While in jail, the man was taken to intensive care unit of the prison hospital with a suspected heart attack.

“My uncle – Andrey Pavlov is a respected doctor in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region. He saved thousands of lives and given the opportunity to be born of a huge number of kids! But now it is completely unfair to be accused of something he didn’t do! Any financial schemes he did not create. He slandered. He is an honest man! He is not guilty! Please help to restore justice!” – with these words, the Hope turned to users of social networks.

Close Pavlov’s hope for an objective investigation. The doctor denies the allegations of corruption. In late February, he published an appeal to the public, in which he shared his opinion about the situation.

“My friends! I am not guilty. Illegal contacts with suppliers of center never had orders of an illegal nature, their employees never gave and did not take bribes. Being a law-abiding citizen having a Krasnoyarsk family, housing and work, I wasn’t going to run anywhere and to interfere with the investigation to understand all the circumstances of the case. I ask you to support my request and petition to change the measure of restraint to softer – house arrest, or other”, – said the doctor.
Надя Сысоева помогает дяде, которого упекли в СИЗО

The man believes that might cross someone the way, planning to reform the medical institutions, so he agreed. Sharing their own version of the events, Pavlov chose not to go into details, stressing that all should understand law enforcement officers.

“It is well known that the institution over which I preside seven years, thanks to the work of the entire team in 2017, was included in the top 10 best centers in the country, but in order to move on, needed modernization of accounting personnel policy. This cost optimization, budget savings, implementation of modern technologies in the movements of medical products and medicines, training, relocation and upgrade of several guiding units. Not everyone would like,” said the man.

Last week, the Railway district court of Krasnoyarsk has extended the arrest of Andrei Pavlov for three months – until may 28. Investigators believe that the doctor, being at liberty, can threaten witnesses and destroy evidence of his guilt. Against Pavlov was prosecuted for receiving a bribe in especially large size. According to preliminary data, we are talking about several million rubles.