Александр Домогаров о предательстве коллег: «Мне плюют в спину» The actor spoke about the situation in the theater. According to him, colleagues of a “spit in the back.” The actor is considering to leave the Mossovet theatre, but he has not yet signed a letter of resignation.
Александр Домогаров о предательстве коллег: «Мне плюют в спину»

53-year-old national actor Alexander Domogarov played in Mossovet Theatre and starred in Russian films. Soon on the TV sitcom, with its greater. The actor actively maintains a page on Facebook, where we often share photos taken during performances. However, the recent publication of Domogarova was seriously worried his fans. In it, he hinted that he was deprived of work in theatrical productions.

“This is serious. Nothing is binding, except for the people who believed and defended. Will always be grateful like a dog, which remembers the good! But, as you know, wolves and dogs are always remember when you beat them. Now I have one way! The most difficult and untested: go by yourself, without support. It will not be! How can – pass. More will not be “removed from play” and “once assigned to”, “want” or would “return”. Never asked and will not ask. Just say thank you! Withdrew from performances! So observe! Feel calmer than enter and greet “colleagues” who spit in the back. They won’t let some desires to lay off and assign, withdraw and return, to give to tour or not to give. You all are not gods, and not my parents!” -described the situation with Alexander.

In the comments Domogarova fans and actors who have left words of support to the artist and admired his talented game. Colleague Alexandra Irina Klimova expressed its position.

“Sanya, this is all very sad! And you’re absolutely right, man is not a toy and the audience, too! It’s time to deal with it! Just, please, don’t do until final conclusions and don’t make fatal decisions! This is clearly a mistake from all sides!” – wrote the artist.

Apparently, Alexander was very offended by the leadership, but admitted that in the Theater Mossovet, there are still people, which he is grateful. According to Domogarova, most of his mentors have already died.

“As I was removed from all of the performances, to the delight of my colleagues, had written a statement. Written 9 Jan. It has not been signed yet, but colleagues, it will be signed, even purely legal. Our agreements with the theater from my side will be finished, so sometimes you’ll have to be patient “colleagues” when I have to get my stuff in the dressing room, and in the future the theater will forget you as you forgot the performances that were going on 10-12 years… Live, God will judge. Good-bye, “colleagues”, – concluded Alexander.