Thinner Anna Netrebko’t know fans

Похудевшую Анну Нетребко не узнают поклонники Opera diva was visibly transformed. Subscribers in Instagram celebrities did not immediately believe that the fresh picture is really posing Anna Netrebko. Followers were delighted with the new image of the idol.

      Anna Netrebko is considered to be one of the most beautiful Opera singers of our show-business. Fans have repeatedly noted elegant concert dresses star and luxury hairstyles for special outputs. Apparently, in this role the admirers of Anne’s used to seeing the artist. Fresh frame in the microblog of the women made a lot of noise – subscribers are not immediately recognized Netrebko.

      On the pictures the blonde looks noticeably Postroenie and very fresh. In addition, the celebrity posing in unusual attire: stretch pants with large print and a designer jacket with futuristic motifs, pink shoes with a sharp nose and a bright yellow headdress. Some followers not only recognized the beauty of Anna, but also entered into a dispute with other users of the social network, trying to figure out who took the picture.

      More followers on Instagram admired forms Netrebko fans left several dozen comments, with the compliments of pet. Also they wondered how the woman managed to achieve such a figure, and in what time frame. Some even admitted that the actress became a real motivator on the path to improving appearance.

      “Is it Anja? Already the Kuban Cossack girl do not like. Good!”, “Anna, please share your recipe weight loss”, “Statuette!”, “Superlady. Slender and graceful”, “Model! Amazing, beautiful, stylish, bright, delight!”, “God… What legs…”, “Wow. How cool! Completely new, light, nice, spring look! Thanks for the positive!”, “Slender! Thinner! Young! Gorgeous Anna,” “You, Anna, very happy woman! Amazing, talented, contagious with their energy and love for life! Thank you!” – wrote in the microblog Opera diva fans.

      It is worth noting that the main beauty of a woman is her husband Yusif Eyvazov. The artist doted beloved and regularly confesses to her feelings. Last year he touchingly congratulated her on the anniversary, dedicating in the microblog post.

      “My life, my heart, my love! For nearly three years we’ve been together and how you make me happy every day! Be happy with a bagel we love you very much, you are my biggest pride is my biggest love, my most beautiful Aria, my only meaning of life… be it so,” wrote Yusuf.