Alexander Kerzhakov took his wife and son from the hospital. PHOTO

Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО The young parents disclosed the name of the heir. The wife of the famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan on 10 April for the first time became a mother, and last Friday, the doctors allowed a young woman and her newborn baby home.

      Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО

      A great event happened last Friday in the family of a famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov and his charming wife Milana. A young woman who on Monday, April 10, wife gave birth to a son, was discharged from a maternity home.

      Met Milan Kerzhakov happy father, relatives and friends of the couple: brother of Alexander Michael, also a football player; mother, Milana, Natalia Tyulpanov and brother of Milana Vladislav, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov and others.

      Alexander Kerzhakov glowed with happiness, clutching a small white bundle. Famous football player was waiting for an heir, and in his “Instagrame” does not hide his emotions about the coming son in the light. The young father was present at birth, which took place in one of the clinics of St. Petersburg.

      Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО“Thank you for your son, my love” – thanked the wife of Alexander, April 10, laying out the chamber with baby in her arms.

      By the way, during the time of discharge from the hospital, Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova announced the name they chose for their child. The star couple has decided to name his son Artem. Relatives who met the young parents reacted positively to the news.

      It is worth noting that the newborn baby is the first joint child of the famous couple. Alexander and Milan, a son of Alexander and Igor take an active part in the education of her daughter Daria players from his first marriage.

      Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО

      Recall that shortly before the birth of our first son Milan and Alexander born in the family Kiriakovich, tragedy died, the father of a young woman, Senator Vadim Tulpanov. According to the daughter, he was expecting the birth of their grandson, participated in the arrangement of his room, discussing his behalf. Pregnant escorts Milan Kerzhakov father’s last journey

      “And he was waiting for his grandson, has asked me to give them to mom to babysit, took part in the arrangement of the room, debating about the name. It was cool and friendly, and cozy in our common life” – wrote Kerzhakov in Milan microblog after the death of his father.

      Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО

      Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova well-known charitable projects of the Fund “Stars for children”, which they head. On the eve of the birth of Artemis, April 9, they opened a charity run in memory of Vadim Tyulpanov, all of which was sent to help the victims of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro.
      In March 2017, was published the autobiography of Alexander Kerzhakov “the Best”. In it, he talks about his football career and personal life.

      Александр Кержаков забрал жену и сына из роддома. ФОТО