Birthday Diva: scandals, secrets and revelations style ones

День рождения Примадонны: скандалы, секреты стиля и откровения близких Today, April 15, the famous singer is celebrating a special occasion. The star marks 68 years. The morning Alla Borisovna began to congratulate relatives, friends and colleagues. “StarHit” remembered than loved by millions, the singer surprised his fans this year.

      День рождения Примадонны: скандалы, секреты стиля и откровения близких

      The whole country is celebrating with Donna and wishes her happiness, health, exciting projects and successes. “StarHit” joins the congratulations and the kindest wishes, and recalls than the last time we were surprised and happy Alla.


      The beginning of the year was marked by major scandal involving the star. A few days after new year’s broadcasts in the Internet appeared the petition, the authors of which expressed dissatisfaction with the festive editions of TV programs. Internet users said on TV is not enough beginners and advanced artists. “Few people like to be at the table “the Diva”, including the target audience of the First channel”, – was said in one of the cases created by a resident of Rostov.

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      Gradually, the discussion on the petition began to gain popularity in the Network. Critics of the Christmas broadcasts found both supporters and opponents. Fans and friends of Alla Pugacheva, which turned out to be Igor Nikolaev, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Buinov, Anastasia Volochkova and many others, said that few of the representatives of show business can compare with the Diva.

      “The actress with these legs, with such brains, such charisma can (and should!) to go on stage all my life! Or, at least, as you wish,” said violent.

      Information about the discontent of the viewers came to the Alla. Singer philosophically reacted to the unfolding scandal and did not violently protest or criticize opponents in response. In addition, the artist has published a video in which filmed their Slippers and urged fans to ignore all alarms.

      “Well, wishers, excited? It’s perfect! So, life goes on. And my strength in love and support of fans. Again make sure this is real happiness,” wrote the star.

      Video Pugacheva has caused a strong reaction in the Network. Star staged a flash mob in support of the singer beloved by millions. Celebrity post a video which asked the envious. Among those who thus expressed their support of the actress, was Philip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya and Nikolai Baskov.

      And in March, in the family of Alla was a joyful event. It became known that the stars grandson Nikita Presnyakov made an offer sweetheart Alena Krasnova. “Happened to be one of the most important moments in my life,” wrote a young man in social networks. Fans of Nikita, who plays in a rock band Multiverse, began to congratulate him on his impending nuptials. They believe that the musician and his fiancee are great.

      “StarHit” asked Alla Pugacheva about how it relates to his beloved grandchildren. According to Diva, Alena Krasnova is a great girl. Currently the singer is preparing for the upcoming wedding of Nikita.

      “Alain, I really like it! – shared Pugacheva with “StarHit”. She is a very sweet girl, perfect, Nikita, I think, will be a good wife.”

      Spring also marked the launch of a new footwear collection, created with the participation of Alla Pugacheva. At the presentation, held in one of Moscow hotels, was attended by many representatives of capital Beau Monde – Margarita Mitrofanova, presenter, Alena Akhmadullina, leading the transfer of “heads and Tails” Regina todorenko, the singer Yulianna Karaulova, designer Galina Yudashkin, stylist Evelina khromtchenko, the participant of group “Fabrika” Irina Toneva, Julia Baranovskaya and many others.

      Alla Pugacheva was also present at the fashionable event. The diva beamed and smiled a lot, delighting everyone with his stunning appearance. Company singer made her husband Maxim Galkin.


      Alla Pugacheva not cease to Shine in stylish designer outfits with the choice of which helps her stylist Alisher. In one interview he said that working with Donna is very easy. There’s only one problem – the actress does not like the fitting, and she doesn’t like to remake something. So designers, collaborating with star, strive to ensure that the right to do everything perfectly.

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      “We Pugacheva absolutely no conflict people. She once said: “anybody never swear. I think that they picked a fight with me, I just expressed my opinion.” Love B. honesty, lack of hypocrisy, her words and the deeds don’t differ. And I am pleased that she can rely on me” – said Alisher.

      Many fans of the Diva will long remember her image on the birthday of Yana Rudkovskaya. Guests producer reported that need to come in Golden attire. Alla attended the event in a stunning floor-length dress decorated with sparkling threads. The star also sang a song with Dima Bilan, causing a storm of emotions among the public. Familiar Rudkovskaya has set a record for the number of cameras with the brilliant Duo of stars.

      This year, Alla Pugacheva was not only memorable exits in public, but the spectacular performances broadcast popular programs. So, in the Christmas episodes, the Diva shone in a red pantsuit and stylish evening dresses. Fans of the singer was delighted with her appearance. “Gorgeous,” “super”, “Class”, “now do you feel the coming of the New year and even begins to appear in a festive mood”, “Amazing”, “it is Impossible so gorgeous,” was discussed by the fans of Alla.

      The greatest response among the fans of the singer made her appearance in the dress, opening the shoulders. Many have found that the star did not seem to vary with age. Fans truly admire her sense of style and ability to look after themselves.


      Alla Pugacheva is not one of those celebrities who loves to scandals and to shock the public. Therefore, the star prefers to maintain horaire relationship. Many of the familiar prima donnas admire her wisdom and ability to find a solution to virtually any life situation.

      “I like it, phrase by phrase: “Think and say about me what you will. Where have you seen a cat that would be interested in what people think about her mouse?” When we got married, a newspaper tabloid suddenly started to write that I am ambitious and our marriage of convenience. I was very upset, and Alla said this brilliant phrase,” – said Philip.

      The husband of the singer Maxim Galkin also believes that his beloved wife – a sample of this wisdom. “Alla says, “what do I not love?” She says to herself, and she got adopted”, – shared the showman.

      Wooden wedding: as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin solve family quarrels

      In his interview, the actor also talked about the fact that fatherhood has changed his life. Maxim Galkin soul in Harry and Lisa, like their famous mother. Children of the star couple grow very creative and artistic. Diva engages them with music, and the kids are already demonstrating their abilities. According to Maxim, they really sing.

      “First you find a person close to you, you’re fun to talk to and easy to keep silent. And we Alla are still interested in each other… And you live with him growing up. When we have already developed a serious relationship, we first lived in different areas, then moved in together. And found that together we are all well, we are ready to see each other morning and evening, and we are not a burden,” admitted the showman.

      The STAR’s INSTAGRAM and adorable kids

      Recently, Donna became an active user of the social network “Instagram”. The star regularly shares photos and videos depicting moments from her family life. Fans of Alla regularly evaluate its publication marks “like” and leave hundreds of comments under the posts of the singer.

      The greatest enthusiasm among the users of social networks caused by materials, characters who become her charming children Lisa and Harry. Adorable kids become the real stars of the Network, and they already had an army of fans. So, Lisa – copy Diva. She grows a real yoke. Most fans Alla believe that in the future she will become a famous artist. As for Harry, the adorable baby is the same restless and energetic as his sister. The boy already started to learn the rules of the road and enjoyed doing crafts as a gift for a beloved mother.

      In preparing the article used materials, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the “program” and the magazine Hello!.