“Thieving life she led”: how thieves romance inspired the creators of the series “Murka”

«Воровскую жизнь она вела»: как блатная романтика вдохновила создателей сериала «Мурка» A new picture based on the story of the song “Murka in a leather jacket”, which tells about the customs of the underworld. After a long trial the main role of approved actress Maria Meadow. While working on the film the authors had to examine the archives of the investigating authorities to find more information about Klimova.

      «Воровскую жизнь она вела»: как блатная романтика вдохновила создателей сериала «Мурка»

      Today, March 9, on the First channel sitcom “Murka”. Criminal adventure detective tells the audience about the criminal world of Odessa early XX century.

      The main character of the series, the employee of the internal organs Maria Klimova, sent to subdue criminals in the port city. A woman working undercover and is introduced into one of the gangs. She is given the nickname of Murka. She is so accustomed to the role of the thief that she was to respect other representatives of the criminal world. The role of criminals did Maria meadow, remembered by the viewers of the television series “Demons”.

      By the way, the shooting of the series took place in Crimea and Moscow. To recreate the atmosphere of the Odessa of the XX century, in the pavilion “Mosfilm” was installed scenery of the Bank “credit Lyonnais” cafe and hotel “London”. On the Black sea coast filmed scenes in which the events took place in lost in the steppe the basis of a secret unit of the GPU under the code name “Apostles.”

      “We managed to do an unusual story, we didn’t copy Odessa. The genre is Kinomax, we needed a serious revision of scenery, we have a very vibrant colors, unusual color effects. We achieved the necessary degree of the grotesque” – said the film Director Anton Rozenberg.

      Over the script of the film worked, Andrey Rubanov and Andrei Kalitin. The story is borrowed from the song “Murka in a leather jacket”. During pre-production team working on the film, has studied the archives of the bodies. They managed to find a registration card 25-year-old Klimova, who worked in CID, and only later led a band.

      It was held by the woman, her name was Murka,

      Cunning and brave she was.

      Even the evil thieves and they were afraid of Murka,

      Thieves life she led.

      Casting for the lead role was a very long time because the Director wanted the actress looked decent with the weapon in his hands. After several stages of Meadow adopted the role of cats.

      “I knew that my heroine needed to build shelves from bandits and thieves, and that is why some adults are serious men suddenly believed this small, slender girl. And then in my mind appeared the image of the wolf. It is not clear what she’ll do in the next second she can get a revolver, a knife to hit on the hand, can kiss. Her power is the element of surprise. But when she suddenly for the first time begins to feel like a woman when in front of her not the gun, the man’s charm and power, she doesn’t know how to behave and becomes an absolute child. This internal conflict and becomes Central to Marusya Klimova. In our eyes the wolf man becomes a wolf,” said the leading lady.

      Before the filming of the meadow had to learn to ride a horse, shoot and fight. Her on-screen lovers become the heroes of Alexei Bardukova and Anton Habarova. The second actor had to lose about 10 pounds for the role, as the creators saw his character fit slim macho.

      Writer dzhanik Faiziev, also starring in the film, said that some actors adopted without trial. “Sergei Garmash plays the thief in law nicknamed the Greek, which under the pressure of circumstances decided to cooperate with the investigation. His brings with him from Moscow hero Porechenkova. In this role Sergey Garmash has not yet seen. Mikhail Porechenkov is also approved without samples,” – noted the author.

      Svetlana Khodchenkova appeared in “Murka” in an uncharacteristic image for themselves. The actress played the aristocrat barbarian Shahovskoy. Her character changes chic dresses and ordered clothes from abroad. Nevertheless the woman are unable to accept the fact that after 1920 the financial situation for the representatives of “blue blood” has changed. The character Khodchenkova lives at the expense of wealthy patrons.

      Composer Yuri poteenko worked on the music for the movie. He has created several arrangements of well-known song about Murka. It is so carried away by thieves romance that at the end he even said to the writer: “I now can’t imagine my life without “cats”.