Scarlett Johansson fights with her husband over child custody

Скарлетт Йоханссон борется с супругом за опеку над ребенком The actress could not settle in Paris, where she moved after the wedding choice. The couple quarreled because of frequent separations and as a result decided to divorce. Now a Hollywood diva to defend their interests in the custody of two-year-old daughter.

      Scarlett Johansson announced their divorce just the day before. The marriage of Hollywood actress and former editor of the fashion magazine Roman Dojarca lasted three years. The American journalists said, like, a year ago, the star couple wanted to divorce, but they reconciled because of the small daughter rose Dorothy. Then our baby turned one.

      Now parents are more concerned about the court’s decision regarding child custody. Scarlett filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme court after his formal divorce to keep her daughter with her. However, Romain did not go on about the wife and wrote the counterclaim. He asked the judge to grant custody to him. To reconcile the spouses, the servants of Themis will not succeed. In a recent interview, Scarlett Johansson admitted that marriage completely destroyed and the situation in her family is hopeless.

      “He plans to move to France with her daughter, Mrs. Johansson travels a lot”, — told in interview to journalists lawyer Romain of Doriana, explaining the position of the father of little rose.

      Today, journalists in all the American media remember actively watching the beautiful novel, pair three years ago. Scarlett and Romain introduced their mutual friend, the French artist and tattoo artist. Hollywood diva almost immediately fell in love with Doriana. A few months after Dating, on one of the social events, on the finger at the blond beauty was spotted engagement ring. In October 2014 the wedding took place. It happened a month after the birth of her daughter.

      Quiet family happiness has not developed. Wanting to become an exemplary wife, an actress, parebrise from Hollywood to Paris, where he had planned with her husband to twist a family nest. However, the schedule of the stars and the part in the film was so dense that the house she appeared very rarely. Life in two cities, new York and Paris, the constant misunderstanding and separation have led to frequent quarrels between the spouses. The couple broke up back in 2016. In January, Scarlett Johansson was spotted at the women’s March against the American President Donald trump. Then many have drawn attention to the lack of a ring on her finger. This spring, the couple decided to formalize the divorce.

      For the actress’s second marriage: she’s in for three years was married to actor Ryan Reynolds, zapomniane edition