Младший сын Смеховой неожиданно потратил многолетние сбережения
The actress can not believe that Makar did.

Alika Smekhova

Photo: Instagram

Alika Smekhova with enthusiasm told about the noble
the act of the younger son, 11-year-old Makar. The boy made a Royal gift
my brother’s birthday: this year Artem has celebrated its
the age of majority.

“Makar we are all touched — made a gift to his brother for 18 years, fully
emptied his piggy Bank — shared the actress. We saved money, which he
gave on all of his last birthdays, he and penny decided to spend
a decent gift for brother! Chose the most expensive and original accessory
for the iPhone. Proud of and love my boys! Soon a difference of 7 years will be
invisible, and together they will conquer all the top of the world”.

The life of any mom consists of both happy and sad
moments. Not so long ago, Makar managed to be ill with quinsy, resting with mom in the Maldives.
“I wonder how he managed to get sick in the Maldives angina. To drink on the sly
cold coke, and then sit under the air conditioning and eat ice cream… Oh, those
boys! Now go on the mend” — said the actress. Thus
Humorous vacation was completely spoiled. But, of course, bothered her not, and
son’s health. By the way, last time Makar was ill also not at the right
moment, if I may say so about the disease. The boy was in the hospital the day before
mom’s 50th anniversary.