Поведение Ким Кардашьян вызвало возмущение тысяч ее фанатов
The reality show star appeared in the scandal center of the candy.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: Instagram.com

Kim Kardashian appeared in an awkward situation: a 37-year-old star of the reality show
signed up to advertise the product, the appearance of which angered and worried
many of its subscribers.

“It’s just something unreal — these lozenges Appetite Suppressant Lollipops! (which means
“lollipops, which suppress the appetite” — approx. ed) the First 500 people who order them will receive a substantial discount!” such
signature placed Kim under his photo, where
she is shown with a red “candy” on a stick. Then he fell down
comments of outraged subscribers: “if Only it did not see my
daughter is a teenager… With their help, she’ll just starve myself!” — wrote
one. “We shudder to think how many very young girls “hooked” on these
lollipops and bring yourself to anorexia! My heart just breaks…” — wrote

The situation is complicated when the is candy caught the eye of a nutritionist. It turned out that Kardashian took
advertising a product that wasn’t even allowed Food and Drug Administration exercising control
the quality and harmlessness of products. Known nutritionist Charlene Ciardiello
publicly shamed Kardashian, who herself has two daughters and a son. She accused the girl that it is going to doom
many adolescent girls, which will replace the normal food candy,
pathetic stagnation instead of prosperity and enjoyment of life.

However, even after Kim found out about the reaction
the public to advertise her product, she did not remove neither your photo nor a signature from a microblog. She probably couldn’t bring himself to refuse
multi-million dollar advertising contract.