The youngest Kardashian sister has given her newborn daughter an original name

Младшая сестра Кардашьян дала новорожденной дочке оригинальное имя
Kylie’s ex-boyfriend demanded a paternity test.

Младшая сестра Кардашьян дала новорожденной дочке оригинальное имя

Kylie Jenner


Tiny daughter
the youngest of the Kardashian clan — 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, just after birth,
has already managed to attract everyone’s attention. The intrigue appeared
around the name of the baby: mom Kylie and Kim Kardashian — Kris Jenner
— confusing everyone, saying that her granddaughter called
“Posey”. Later she Kylie posted a message about the birth of a daughter “Emoji»
in the form of a butterfly, and the fans decided that the girl was given the name “butterfly” — i.e. butterfly in English. As it turned out, both
assumptions were wrong. A few hours ago Kylie finally said, as he called the child. And
at the same time shared the first photo of the baby, which was signed “Stormy Webster”.(Explain that the real name of the alleged Papa girl rapper, acting under the pseudonym Travis Scott Jacques Webster).

That’s interesting.,
what is the right to be called father a little Stormy already broke out the real battle.
This “title” expect two reper — Taiga and Travis Scott. Because
Kylie from April 2017 is Dating 25-year-old Travis all decided that it was –
his child. Especially because Scott was present at birth. But Taiga,
who dated Kylie for two and a half years, I am sure that Stormy —
his daughter. According to his calculations, Kylie could become pregnant during their
last meeting, held in early April. And now Taiga requires
conducting a paternity test to see who really is the “daddy»

Recall, up to
the baby in the light, held on 1 February, no one was until the end
I am sure that Kylie is pregnant. Rumors about this, of course, went. But Kylie all 9
months of hiding from the paparazzi, and if they appeared in public, clothed in
such bulky apparel that make out underneath her belly was just
impossible. And when Kylie finally gave birth, she found it necessary to apologize to the fans. She
explained why didn’t want to discuss this topic. As admitted by the younger sister
Kim, she wanted to bear his child, which inevitably would be subjected to
stress, if her pregnancy was “public”.