Marina Kravets publicly revealed the secret of Garik Kharlamov

Марина Кравец публично раскрыла тайну Гарика Харламова
Star Comedy Club got a new job.

Artem Losev, Marina Kravets, Garik Kharlamov

Photo: Press service of TNT

Star Comedy Club Marina Kravets has become
leading the new culinary and entertainment shows on TNT — “Big Breakfast”. Together
with renowned chef Artem Losev she will cook delicious meals, as well as
rakes up the latest news from life of stars that the weekly look into

The Action Of The “Big
Breakfast” takes place in a cafe in the center of Moscow. Visitors of the cafe not
just watching the process of cooking, and are directly
participation in the show: help preparing the meals, ask questions of the star guest,
and with him, and leading chef involved in tasting meals, share
their emotions and experiences.

“This show is a Grand,
enchanting, Jolly! — says Marina Kravets. — We did it
this TV cafe where anyone can come! At the end of the program
we with a star guest trying to entertain all the visitors, and they are usually the people
20-25. By the way, any of them can ask a question known to man,
who at this moment make dumplings or to cut a cucumber. Often the most unexpected
things about yourself stars tell it in the kitchen, and we’re shooting for
camera. In General, our morning culinary program can be called stand-up show,
so sit down you just don’t have time, there is a lot of improvisation in the process
cooking sometimes do not understand “where is the logic?!”but always turns out very tasty.
And of course, we have lots of great star guests who come to us have fun
chat, working in our kitchen and for your efforts to get food. And then
not often you see that, for example, Garik Kharlamov, it turns out, not only eat, but
cook, too”.

In each program, according to exclusive recipes,
developed by Artem Losev, preparing two meals: fast, which can
to make just a couple of minutes, and the dish is a unique recipe in
the preparation of which involved a guest star.

In the first editions of “the Big Breakfast” viewers will see
Azamat Musagalieva, Garik Kharlamov, Stas Starovoytov, Julia Franz and other