Земфира показала редкое «свежее» фото
The singer published a picture in a personal blog.

Photo: Instagram

Zemfira rarely indulges fans own the “fresh” photos. Basically, in a personal blog she locates archived images from shooting for magazines, photos from old concerts. At social events Zemfira are very rarely seen, and certainly she never poses for the cameras, trying to get into the chronicle of all the leading publications. On the contrary, even at loud movie premieres and tries to come sooner or later, all to be noticed to look the picture from his seat, and then leave, without getting into the camera lens. Occasionally she shows fans her old friend Renata Litvinova, but there Zemfira, mostly posing in dark glasses.

And here — a rare success. The singer herself posted a new photo on Instagram. She is clearly posing and smiling. Subscribers stars noted that it has not changed. Still the same — open, with a broad smile, with a familiar hairstyle… Did someone say that Terr is already 41 years old, not 23, when she literally “broke” the Russian show business and quickly broke into the hits?

“The best”, “Most beautiful”, “lightest”, “Most cool”, “My love”, “Real” — and that’s an incomplete list of epithets, which was awarded Zemfira subscribers. A rare event — in the tape the singer never found any bad comment, only the enthusiasm and recognition of love. Is this not recognition? Because today the Internet is so much negativity and chaos, but it bypasses the real actors. Zemfira love everything, and she takes the audience back on its own, alas, rare concerts.

By the way, not so long ago Zemfira just wowed the audience how she knows how to rock and have fun off stage. Director Rezo Gigineishvili “leaked” to the Network video in which he dances with the singer on some new year’s eve party.

Few would have thought that the usually reserved singer can laugh, panning, spinning, and even to endure what Rezo lifts her into the air and twists over his head. “Talented people need to carry arms”, signed, Gigineishvili video.