The younger son Madonna has surprised with her vocal abilities

Младший сын Мадонны удивил своими вокальными способностями
The singer congratulated 12-year-old David’s birthday.

Младший сын Мадонны удивил своими вокальными способностями

Madonna is very proud of all his children — especially the younger, adopted son
David, who recently turned 12 years old. On this occasion, the 59-year-old Madonna shared
a touching photo that captures a very young David. “God, how
time flies fast, he’s 12 already! I love you, my boy. It’s a pity you already
grown up and you don’t revile at the hands…” — she signed this picture.

David fully justifies
expectations of the singer. Oh, despite his young age, has already become the best
assistant of Madonna’s charity in all matters related to his homeland, the African nation of Malawi. But how
says the singer, his main task in the education of the children she sees in the fact that they were “capable of this
love and compassion, worthy people”.

However, David has already managed to please Madonna and their abilities. In this
year he showed extraordinary
sporting talent. David was so capable player that it without
hesitation took in the Junior team of famous Portuguese club Benifica.
And to give an opportunity to the son to train in the club, as reported by singer,
she intends to move with his family to Lisbon.

Interestingly, David, in addition to football skills, discovered more and
music. And Madonna shared with fans a video in which David quite
passable singing along to the recording of her smash hit of 1983 “Holiday”.