Alena Vodonaeva gave the Bridal bouquet to the girl, a cancer patient

Алена Водонаева подарила свадебный букет девушке, больной раком In the beginning of the month the famous host played a magnificent wedding. In celebration day star bride decided to visit the Marina, a girl ill with cancer. Alain Vodonaeva met her in “Instagram”.

Recently in St. Petersburg hosted the wedding Alena Vodonaevoy and Alexei Cosine. The couple decided not to make a loud celebration, and to spend the day together. The bride said that when planning the festival, we wanted it to be stylish, Mature and yet surprisingly to themselves. For example, Alena picked up the car “Chaika” instead of luxury limousines. TV presenter refused and chic restaurants. The newlyweds waited an incredible lunch in the flag tower of the Naryshkin Bastion of the Peter and Paul fortress.

Also Vodonaeva original way solved the problem with the colors.

“There is a tradition to throw the bride’s bouquet. I decided not to disturb her. But once the bride, I mean, the rules are mine, too. And my bouquet tomorrow catch a very beautiful and cool girl, at whose wedding in the near future I am planning a good walk!”- said the presenter.

The bride visit a girl in need of assistance and gave her flowers the next day after the wedding.

“The girl with the big eyes and cosmic depth. Met finally. And mother Mara fed us dumplings of own production. With potatoes and onions. Marina, I think, a couple of our meetings and I will you roll out” – shared Alena with fans.

“She’s fighting cancer. And was very important for me to come to her in person immediately after the wedding. We talked, laughed over the different incidents and it was cool checking the time. What kind of dumplings is preparing her mom! “- said Vodonaeva.

Marina also wrote a touching post in his microblog under the photo with the presenter.

“I have so many emotions and feelings that it is difficult to assemble them into something whole and clear. This post is about the present, about sincerity, about the warmth. Never presume to judge anyone’s pictures or gossip. According to some arguments, assumptions, look people in the soul, the eyes. Just try not to March over the opinion of dirty opinions, and feel. Feeling people”, – signed photo of the girl.

“In General, in one word, love. Alena Vodonaeva, thank you for the words, for the hug and just thank you!” – thanked Marina famous TV.

“I love orchids and knew from the beginning that I will not have any bouquets. The question was only one branch of orchids to take or three, in the end, greed won. To throw their unmarried girls to put on the Neva, I’m not. Just went to visit a nice girl he met in “Instagram” and gave her the orchids,” said Alain Vodonaeva portal sobaka.EN.