Anastasia Tregubova: “Thank you to my husband for the gift, which I carry under my heart.”

Анастасия Трегубова: «Спасибо моему мужу за подарок, который я ношу под сердцем!»
The star of the First channel will become a mother for the third time.

Anastasia Tregubova

Presenter of “Good morning,” Anastasia Tregubova is waiting for the third
child. Gestational age — small for about four months. According to
star the baby is due early next year.

“What is it like to be three times a mother?
— smiling Anastasia. — To begin with, so far, not much change
happened, and the baby plans
to appear in next year… Yeah, lead morning air with rise at four in the morning
it became more difficult, but we’re still going to see you in the morning! And in the family
life without change. Changes in emotions. I’m happy so
what not to transfer words! So coincidentally that my “interesting
the position of” my friends found out on the day of birth. I remember how I woke up
the call began with the words: “Anastasia, is that true?! I knew it!!!”
At first I was surprised. But now, remembering yesterday, you know that
all right there! We have a baby was on a common occasion more…
I basically believe that the family all holidays in common. And separately I want to say
thank you to my husband, Sasha, you’re the best man in the world! I love you very
love! Thank you for yesterday, and the best gift that I wear
under the heart!”

By the way, this year among large stars there is a real
a baby boom. So, the third time parents have become Glafira Tarhanova, Alexander
Ursulyak, Gosha Kutsenko, Kamil Larin and Anna Banshchikova.