Молодая супруга Ивана Краско объяснила, когда они разведутся The actor’s wife commented about the problems in their family. According to her, until they can live together. However, Natalia Krasko is no denying that their marriage may end with a breakup.
Молодая супруга Ивана Краско объяснила, когда они разведутся

Yesterday in the program “really” the wife of Ivan Krasko, she was convicted of adultery. Allegedly young actress was having an affair with a man named Andrew. The young man claimed that he was paid for that, he seduced the girl. Husband of Natalia Ivan does not believe that she cheated on him. However, the famed artist does not deny that their marriage may end in divorce. The very beloved Krasko says evasively.

“The show is a show, but life is life. If I understand, that is all that it is time to divorce, then maybe Yes, but until we have, like, everything is fine. In a global sense, everything is fine, live is still possible. But how is the question”, – said Natalia.

Previously, both spouses said they have no relationship problems. The pair even discussed the birth of a child. But now Natalia completely focused on his career. She writes poetry and plays in the theater.

“I’m only in this direction now I think. I’m more leads other than family matters. Ivan’s family. So be it. But how long, till what time it will be, I don’t know. If I think he’s better off with Natalia, I did strain will not”, – explained his position by Natalia.

The journalists also decided to contact Ivan Ivanovich. Because the air on the eve of the actor did not deny that they could be back to the family to Natalia Vial.

“Sooner or later, apparently, it is inevitable, but we will try to go natural, spiritually, humanly. Sensation yet. So far everything is normal. Just for me children – most importantly, I want to bring to mind. You know with the school system now the problem is, schools are not interested and the kids just don’t go there. Yes, they react naive, stupid even, but force is even to teach them to hate the whole system. And both Natalia is well aware. Necessary to solve the problem is not with kondachka, and human. We all is fine, but I think I should, above all, the children think”, – said Ivan Krasko in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

We will remind that Natalia was married to Ivan Nikolaevich in 2015. She was a pupil of a famous actor. The age difference between husband and wife is 60 years.