Бывшая жена хотела утопить Виктора Салтыкова The actor once spoke about the problems with ex-wife. Victor and Irina Saltykova broke up years ago, but still remember each other some of the facts of life together.
Бывшая жена хотела утопить Виктора Салтыкова

Victor and Irina Saltykova divorced many years ago, but was never able to forgive each other some points. According to the singer, her husband cheated on her a lot. The singer of the hit “Blue eyes” has publicly accused the singer. “He drank a lot. Repeatedly cheated on me what I later learned. Of course, I knew that my husband is a very popular artist, and was flattered. However, I was a naive girl and didn’t expect to build a relationship is so difficult. The assault was also more than once. He had wandering hands. Now I would easily answer, but then I was too good,” remembered Irina.

Victor Saltykov completely got rid of bad habits. According to him, information about alcoholism spread just Irina.

“I don’t drink. Had long been walking as much as before. By the way, in the best years did not drink much. And all that was written about my alleged spree press was invented and inserted my ex-wife. It’s all her sick fantasies that she decided to drown me,” – said Saltykov in one of the events.

Many believe that, thanks to Irina, Victor became even more popular. He suspects that someday the former spouse will be responsible for all their accusations against him. “I was without it rasieren fine. My PR is music. And that she me all over the country has declined, I did not react. It is difficult to put a man on the true path. Irina with her innate tactlessness is useless to say anything. It’s casting pearls before swine. To answer for their deeds and words it will be before God,” said the actor.

Victor and Irina has a daughter, Alice. The girl is also engaged in music. Her mother often to share in the blog entries, where she is the heiress demonstrates vocal. Victor Alice does not communicate.

“Mom did all that she talked to me rarely. Every time the Ira is trying to stick in the wheel insert, although Alice is 30 years old, she’s a grown woman and is entitled to decide with whom to communicate. Sometimes she writes to me, though happy birthday not congratulated. I do not impose. Lack of communication no – I have 26 years old other wife’s son is nine years, daughter 22. And all that is associated with the my family and life to me is a closed book”, – said Victor with a reporter “Dni.ru”.