Обратившаяся к Владимиру Путину Даша Старикова скончалась от рака The girl failed to overcome the disease. Despite the fact that last year she was treated in Moscow, her health condition has not improved much. It is reported that Daria Starikova died in a Moscow clinic.
Обратившаяся к Владимиру Путину Даша Старикова скончалась от рака

Daria Starikova from the Murmansk region died in one of the capital’s hospitals. The girl had stage four cancer. As told to Daria during the direct line with Vladimir Putin due to the lack of medical institutions in her native town of Apatity, it is first diagnosed.

“We are short of specialists, through which in time to put people diagnosis. We have closed the hospital, closed the surgical Department, cardiology, all moved to a nearby town. We have to go and ask for help there, as well, even for us heavy operations, the necessary examinations are sent to Murmansk is five hours away from us,” said Dasha, the head of state.

Vladimir Putin has promised to help Starikova and kept his word. Treatment of 25-year-old girl became involved in the doctor of medical Sciences, honored doctor of Russia, academician of the Academy of Sciences, head of the National medical research center of radiology Ministry of health Andrey Kaprin. The surgery was performed to remove the tumor. As reported by experts, it was successful. “Before and after surgery was chemotherapy first to shrink the tumour, and then to build on the success after it is removed. We used the imported drugs, and the Russian generic drugs,” – said Kaprin.

Обратившаяся к Владимиру Путину Даша Старикова скончалась от рака

Dasha was no metastasis, no tumors after surgery. A few months later she was allowed to return to his hometown to see her daughter. People from all over the country worried about Dasha. She thanked indifferent during a press conference that was broadcast on TV. “It’s very important when you’re not by himself, struggling with his disease. This life is very hard, terrible. I wish all who fight, to fight to the end”, – said Starikov.

As you know, on doctors ‘ recommendations, Dasha returned to Moscow for another examination. Not yet reported what caused the death of the inhabitant of Murmansk region. The group administrator “Vkontakte”, which was dedicated to Daria, confirmed anabaena died. “That is true,” wrote Anna in the comments. Netizens are wondering who will now remain a child of six.