The young wife of Alexander Polovtsev has reconciled with his ex-wife

Молодая жена Александра Половцева помирилась с его бывшей супругой The actor is happy that women communicate with each other. Alexander Polovtsev maintains relations with second wife Julia. Despite the fact that the actor had an affair while still married, she envies him.
Молодая жена Александра Половцева помирилась с его бывшей супругой

Famous actor Alexander Polovtsev lives happily with his wife Asanoi Muratova. Before the man was married twice. With the first wife Galina, he started a family while still a student, but the marriage was short-lived – three years later, they divorced. The actor did not hide that he was cheating on her. After he made the offer of marriage to the new love of Julia Sobolevskaya. Despite the fact that couple has lived together for more than 20 years, Alexander couldn’t resist a new passion – Asanoi Muratova. He left his wife and son Stepan in order to be with his beloved. However, this circumstance did not prevent the women to make friends.

“Julia remained in a normal relationship. If it goes somewhere, in some other countries, brings some gifts and in a short time and Asana. If we are somewhere with Asanas go, we bring her some Souvenirs and gifts. We in normal human relations,” admitted the Polovtsy.
Молодая жена Александра Половцева помирилась с его бывшей супругой

Star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” told me that sometimes his former and current spouses call each other and ask each other advice. Alexander remembered that the most difficult moment in divorce with Julia was the recognition of his parents in such a drastic change.

“I didn’t mean to cause them pain, a nuisance. We did so – we went together – me, Julia, Asana and, in my opinion, Steve was. We went to my parents to show that everything is normal,” – said the actor.

Alexander admitted that it was difficult to get away from Yulia and a half years it raced, but the love Asana was stronger than him. Eight years ago he suggested Muratova live together but only last year they formalized the relationship. Twice woman found a reason to deny civil spouse. Infidelity, alcoholism, loss of loved ones: the trials of life Alexander Polovtsev

“Had a strange relationship, we were together for quite a long time, but I haven’t seen progress in the relationship. We became a family, I haven’t seen Sasha this desire. One, two, three. And at some point, it became a dead end. This impasse has even led to violent disputes, anger on my part. So much time living together and so unthinkingly spend our time,” explained Asuna.

Alexander remembered that at some point they were even ready to leave to ponder future life. She agreed to marry him shortly before the birth of son Andrew. Alexander Polovtsev concealed the birth of her daughter

“The first proposal he made in a time when we disagreed, he wanted to cement relationships. I have not seen want to marry me, I’ve seen the desire to stop me. But it does not start a family. It’s not, so I refused. The second time was even more lubricated. Our relationship was adjusted, after some time he asked me to Novorossiysk, we came for a week. I didn’t know what he wants to ask for my hand my parents,” recalled Muratov.