Nastasya Samburski officially married

Настасья Самбурская официально вышла замуж The actress showed a picture from the Registrar’s office. Star of TV series “Univer” informed fans that legalized relationship with her boyfriend Cyril Dievice. According to Samburski, this time she was not joking.

Star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski combined bonds of marriage with his elect. The girl tried not to advertise the changes in his personal life, but now has pleased fans with news of their wedding. The actress posted a picture from the Registrar’s office on which poses together with the groom. Earlier Samburski already tried to intrigue the fans, the staff made the wedding Palace. That is why the text of the post, the artist claims that it all happened for real.

“Now we are really not kidding. Yes, the bride wore black, the money is not enough for white. Bouquet not tossed because it was heavy and could accidentally knock down a worker of the registry office. I’m happy. My husband also is not in pain. Ditucci people when necessary. I loved and love, and what you all want,” said Samburski.

The groom was actor Cyril, Gicevic who is younger than her by several years. According to some, they were United together in marriage November 10. Friends and acquaintances congratulate the couple on social networks. “We did everything right! Away from prying eyes and gossip! Congratulations! All the best!”, “Congratulations! Happiness, pure and sincere love and understanding!”, “Nastasia, congratulations! I’m very happy for you! I wish you happiness, love, understanding! Let everything you do will be fine,” left the wishes of subscribers nastasi.

Earlier, the actress was rarely shown images chosen. The girl preferred to share shots from the shoot or show photographs taken for advertising campaigns of famous brands. Many fans admire the perfect shape of a star, while others ask Samburski, when is she going to have children. The girl said that even with the advent of offspring she will continue to work in the movies.

“Even when the face will not be able to sit at home all day. Hire a babysitter and go out to work. Will not the evil nurse, but demanding. In my childhood I was left to myself, me, nobody watched. Could 12 years at three a.m. to go outside to meet someone and walk. I was just lucky that I’m not screwed. My kids will not happen. They will go to 33 sections and have all the existing talents, make them work out. Will hang on the bar, twist fuete and cross stitching. When you grow up, of course, will be defined, to be a welder or a shepherdess, but the base, which I will provide, in any case will prevent them from self-destructing. Want the kids grew up and took life a niche, doing something useful and not become a sofa critics, as some followers of my blog,” said the actress “StarHit”.