Alena Sviridova complained about the behavior of the younger son

Алена Свиридова пожаловалась на поведение младшего сына The boy tries to swing right. Alena Sviridova has two heirs. According to the artist, Gregory often brings her a lot of problems. Now a teenager can be harsh in dealing with her mother.

A famous singer of the hit “Pink flamingos” Alena Sviridova – the mother of two sons. The eldest heir of the artist from his first marriage, 34-year-old Basil lives with his father in Canada and works as a programmer. The youngest child, 13-year-old Gregory came from the stars from the fashion Dmitry Miroshnichenko. According to Alena, she is now very difficult to build up a relationship with his son.

Alena Sviridova admires the influence of a young wife for her son

“The most difficult thing is to be a mom. I have a 13-year-old son, and he shakes his right. He throws that at his age, doing many of the boys, but sometimes it becomes a big problem,” he told star reporters.

At the moment, Sviridov is preparing to surprise the audience with a new program. However, most of the time the star prefers to spend with family. “I have now made a new acoustic program, which are as a musician. You know, music now loses its former value, it becomes electronic. Now all play on the computer. To surprise the audience only a perfect mastery of the instrument that I want to show is about two hours playing the piano, the guitar. This is a new genre for me. We year tried the program and are now ready to present it in the capital”, – said the singer.

Alain considers himself a truly happy man. She prefers to spend free time at home, relax while watching your favorite films.

“I don’t like calendar holidays. For my birthday can be any day. And then I turn off the phone, just lying on the bed, I saw – Oh God! serials, I’m eating crap” – said Alain in an interview with

We will remind, Sviridov now happily in a relationship with David Vardanyan. The happy couple have been together for about two years. However, in an interview with Alain repeatedly noted that they have different personalities, so it took a while to get used to each other.

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