The winners went on holiday with Andrey Malakhov!

Победители конкурса съездили в отпуск с Андреем Малаховым!

In late September, eleven of the lucky ones who won in the competition “vacation with Andrei Malakhov” magazine “StarHit”, a week went on the Sunny Italian island of Sardinia.

Guests settled in the luxurious Pullman, and one of the first days of the journey, the lucky ones went on a walk to the nearest town, visited the small shops. The next day the program was scheduled boat trip on the boat with a stop on the beach in the Bay of Spinoza, which is surrounded by cliffs on all sides. This place is famous for crystal clear sea water. In the morning, the tourists had an excursion to the cheese. There they told about the technology of local production of sour-dairy products, in addition they could try to make cheese for themselves and to pick up their copies in the Deluxe thermo-bags.

In the evening the travellers had joined the secret 10th winner – two-time winner of the world Championships in athletics Alexey Kotlov, who in the composition of the Paralympic national team of Russia this year was not allowed to the Olympics in Rio. The athlete was welcomed as a hero, strongly supported and wished only victories. And then in front of the tourists came the official impersonator of Adriano Celentano, whose performance has forced to tremble the beautiful half of holidaymakers. The first time nobody even knew that it was not a true Italian singer.

In the middle of the week, campers went fishing two bunk barge, loaded with all the Essentials, was released in the open sea, where the chefs were cooking caught their fish with herbs and spices in the kitchen, located right on the Board. At the end of the trip, the winners had dinner in the company of the singer Ani Lorak and TV presenter Dmitry Venison and remembered the brightest moments of the trip.

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For all participants and the main mastermind of this project, Andrey Malakhov holiday was an opportunity of communication and new emotions. On arrival in Moscow, the winners visited the Studio “Let them talk” and shared his impressions pretty soon you will see and hear the program on the First channel.