ISA Anokhina openly talked about bygone

Айза Анохина откровенно рассказала о прошедших родах
Socialite described the birth of a second son.

Svetlana Anokhina

Anokhina, which this week became a mother for the second time, giving birth to the son of Elvis,
openly talked about how the new baby was born.

and to save your feelings and feelings about October 3, 2016 I’ll have my whole life.
Like any mother, shared socialite. — I had a special plan for pregnancy
I did. I was happy and was loved and loved. I loved
your body and every extra kilo. All
the severity of pregnancy shifted with respect and thanked God for what
gave us this baby.

was preparing to leave my husband with such love and care that words cannot Express!
And so began the fight. Call the perinatal centre, and we were already there waiting. At 22.00,
and even earlier, went into labor, I was off at training, but they
the repetition made at 4 am to call the hospital. Although the evening of the same day we
played with Sam and went to dinner. Bedtime Sam said, or rather ordered me, “Mom,
tomorrow brother is born!” And fell asleep. Then began the coolest. In
the perinatal center I feel at home. The doctors with me so gently
communicated, supported and reassured that there was no fear. Although I admit,
I’m something of a coward. The birth was live – you saw a lot. Me 20 hours to be jerks without anesthesia:
thus I gave the child the opportunity to go through all the generic tests, and I
feel childbirth.

I am grateful
doctors who helped me with everything, controlled the situation and time
started! Allowed my husband to be there and were with me very good.”