The second weekend of the festival Playfashion will be held in an unusual format

Второй уик-энд фестиваля Playfashion пройдет в необычном формате

Its second weekend shopping festival PlayFashion fully paid new format of events. So October 8 will be the presentation of the collection PlayFashionBrand for representatives of the blogosphere, Blogger Day, and on 9 October was declared men’s day.

PlayfashionBrand prepares many gifts for their guests. Planned total immersion in a flamboyant performance, which can’t ignore a true showman and the star of the catwalks, frequenter of the best covers of international glossy Danila Polyakov. In addition to the planned free zone bar, for the music part of the day is to answer one of the most fashionable Moscow DJs Bekuchi, which comes to represent the clearest fashion – Danila Polyakov.

9 Oct space PlayFashion Market will gather within its walls the representatives of the stronger sex. Men’s Day. Brutal and strong, the day will pass with the support of the Barber shop TopGun, which will deploy at the festival show. Masters will compete for the championship, will demonstrate the speed and skill and impeccable style. For everyone TopGun on this day will work for free in the framework of the shopping festival. Also on this day, fans of fashion will delight their lectures and master classes of popular fashion bloggers: fashion stylist, TNT, the speaker of the fashionable school @school_gosh leysan Usmanov, which will reveal the theme of “self-Expression through clothing”, then the program will continue Vdo Alexander Leonidovich together with Leo and talk about “How I got into social networking”.

The musical part of the cast of real men, a group of “½ of the orchestra”. The group has already established itself as unconventional bend – brass in symbiosis with the digital sound, providing a crazy drive.

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When: October 8, Blogger Day schedule:

16:00 – arrival

17:00 – Dj-set Bekuchi

18:00 – Dj-set of Danila Polyakov

19:00 – Dj-set Agasfer

October 9, Men’s Day, Rraspisanie:

16:00-18:00 corner Barber Shop TopGun

17:00 – master class of fashion bloggers Usmanova “Expression through clothing”

18:00 – lecture fashion bloggers Alexander Vdo ft. Leo Leonidovich “How I got into social networking”

19:30 – LIVE. “½ Of the Orchestra”

20:30 – Dj set Agasfer

Where: shopping center “metropolis”