Jolie said pitt first saw the children after the scandal

Джоли разрешила: Питт впервые увидел детей после скандала

Good news! Brad still met with the children after Angelina filed for divorce, accused him of being inadequate, took temporary custody and moved to an indoor area in Malibu.

What was the reason for the leniency of Angelina Jolie, unknown. But the fact remains. She took pity on the father of her children and organized a meeting with children. Although this actor also worked: I took a voluntary test for the presence in its organism of alcohol and drug use, which confirmed its purity and enlisted the support of family and friends…

According to insiders, brad held with the children for a few hours, they played, had fun and had a good time.

“Brad loves kids more than anything in life. They mean a lot to him. He will do whatever is necessary to be with them. Now and always,” said close to pitt sources.

Previously, we recall, angelina Jolie asked her former nanny Krisann Morel. The woman asked the actress not postrate mistakes of his mother and not to destroy the relationship between children and their father.

“I allowed myself to talk about this only because very worried about the fate of Angelina and her children. I want to refer to it: “Please don’t cut brad out of the lives of the children!”” – written by Chris Morel in an open letter. — Do not use children as a weapon in a quarrel with her husband, as it did many years ago her mother. As a result, yet lonely and bleak childhood, as once most of Angelina. Her mother was unable to forgive Voight, and it hurt her to look at his daughter, in many ways resembled her husband.” Read more HERE.

It seems that the nurse acted on a celebrity, or is she just calmed down and changed his views. Although earlier, her lawyers appealed to Jennifer aniston, so that she gave evidence in court against pitt. Read more HERE.

At the same time, Hollywood single women compete to see who of them could be the next Mrs. pitt, and recognized the actor in love. Read the link.