7 incredible stories about the Nobel prize

7 невероятных историй о Нобелевской премии

I bet you don’t know? The Nobel prize was never awarded to mathematicians. And all because a lover “inventor of dynamite” was involved mathematician! And the monarchs sitting on the stage the entire ceremony to avoid being confused with security. Yes, and this time in history the prize was. The editors of Woman’s Day has gathered the most incredible stories for more than a hundred years.

Was there a mathematician?

Alfred Nobel bequeathed his entire fortune to scientists who can bring the most benefit to people. In this case indicated that the award will be representatives of four Sciences – physics, chemistry, medicine and literature. Later added a fifth. The award is given to persons who became famous for peacekeeping…

What about the Queen of Sciences, mathematics. And her then and there! Legend has it that Nobel disliked mathematics because his wife was involved Amateur summations of multiplications.

But if you look, the story is no more than fiction.

The inventor of dynamite, according to numerous biographers, never married were not. And if they didn’t like mathematicians, it is only because of the outstanding academic Mittag-Leffler, a foreign member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences that the Nobel had very hostile relations.

As the winner fell at the feet of the guard

The Nobel prize – the most prestigious awards in the world. Not surprisingly, the winners received medals from the hands of the king of Sweden. And throughout the ceremony throne of the monarch on the stage.

However, it was not always so. And this tradition in 1971 put the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. He was short-sighted and at the ceremony, tripped over a step and fell.

When Pablo Neruda came to thank the king, who sat among the other guests, he was mistaken and started to bow to the Palace guard.

And since almost all of the award winners in the age, the situation could easily be repeated. And in no time! So it was decided to put the monarchs on stage.

Einstein gave the award to his wife

Albert Einstein received his prize in physics in 1921. But to dispose of the money he was not destined.

In the marriage contract with his ex-wife Milieu Maric (he divorced three years before delivery) it was agreed that if Einstein will receive the award, will be given to her.

In that year, the prize in monetary terms amounted to SEK 572 121 or 32 $ 250, which is more than ten times greater than the average salary of the Professor for the year. Eventually Maric spent the money to buy three apartment buildings in Zurich.

But even more curious in the history of Einstein, which was nominated for the award he was many times, but received it only after 10 years!

Agree, this is very strange, considering that the more famous physics and difficult to remember.

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