Andrei Cherkasov and Victoria romanet back together

Андрей Черкасов и Виктория Романец снова вместе Viewers of “House-2” will again see a scandalous couple. After a year of separation Victoria romanet and Andrei Cherkasov will appear in the popular project. Former beloved will be sure of strength, because they have to work side by side.

      Андрей Черкасов и Виктория Романец снова вместе

      Last year spectators “Houses-2” have watched with interest the development of the relations Victoria romanet and Andrei Cherkasov. The controversial couple was constantly full of surprises. The lovers had intended to marry, he swore to the nines and parted. In the end, the emotional intensity of both so tired that they finally ended the relationship.

      Now the audience of telestroke will once again see Victoria and Andrew together. According to the announcement of the reality show, the pair will appear again in the air. Romanet and Cherkasov have to validate their feelings of strength, because they have to work side by side.

      Guys will work in the new format of the program “Dom-2. Lite”, which will be leading Aliana and Alexander Gobozov. It is interesting that the esters will be other project members, both former and current. So, to show in the pair will not only Cherkasov and romanet, but Cousin Artemov.

      Recall that during participation in the “House-2” Victoria is not only adored Andrew and was ready to forgive him for any offenses, but had hoped to go with him down the aisle. Cherkasov and romanet was planning a lavish wedding, which they had to cancel. Later, the ex-contestant of reality show have concluded that for a long time she has dealt with “womanizer”.

      “As for these men, then, in my opinion, to fix them is impossible. And in General, men are polygamous, so they tend to change. Furthermore they due to this, self-assurance, says romanet in an interview. – Girls, remember, men are notorious creatures that to hide its failures in work, in sex or in society, you begin to go left. I’m sure on one hundred percent! So the woman either accepts this fact, or engages in pointless struggle, spending your strength, nerves and health.”

      Andrei Cherkasov:”If not the “Dom-2″, I would already married”

      At the same time he Cherkasov fondly recalls romanet. He calls the ex-lover of “real”. Andrew doesn’t keep for Victoria evil for publicly expressed insults in his address.

      “When we broke up she was devastated. Vic hated me in real life, but, nevertheless, behaved dishonestly. Now we do not talk to her, I do believe that with the former it is better not to maintain a relationship if there are children. Vic I just say thank you for a bright passionate relationship and wish you only happiness,” admitted the magazine “StarHit”.