Победительница конкурса «Размер твоей мечты» похвасталась новой грудью The girl told how her life has changed after surgery. 23-year-old Anastasia Esaulova grateful for given her the opportunity to gain confidence and find love.

      Победительница конкурса «Размер твоей мечты» похвасталась новой грудью

      Last week, the 23-year-old Anastasia Esaulova from the city of Znamensk of the Astrakhan region has arrived for a routine consultation at a Moscow clinic “Cactoblastis”. In March, she won the contest “the Size of your dreams”, the main prize was an operation for breast augmentation. Four months modest blonde has changed a lot, became more confident, positive, even keeps the back straighter. Dr. Taher Faizullin conducted a survey and concluded that all goes according to plan, gave some advice and told to return in six months to do an ultrasound and blood tests.

      “Nastia’s fine,” says the doctor. – The operation was complicated, but the result justified the risks.”

      In gratitude, the patient brought the doctor a box of cupcakes adorned with the inscription “the Best surgeon”.

      “I am very grateful to the clinic and personally Tagir the Rishatovich! They made my dream come true. Has changed not only externally but also internally, ” smiled the winner. – After 15 years, I literally could not look myself in the mirror one breast was bigger than the other, it betrayed evident. I was too shy. I put the handkerchief in one Cup, the difference was less obvious. The operation was a restart. The tightness is gone!”

      However, the girls are all busy, but they are only nice – had to update your wardrobe.

      Победительница конкурса «Размер твоей мечты» похвасталась новой грудью“Can finally wear tops and dresses with cut – continues Nastja. – Say, what did her chest, nobody was. Some will see in the Internet, and someone doesn’t have to. Just a mother, grandmother and friend know that I had to endure. But now I can finally think about your personal life. Remember, I wrote in the letter that doomed to loneliness? Now I’m sure: soon find your love! On I’ve been paying attention guys, but now that not afraid to look at them, build relationships will be easier.”

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