Таня Терешина тоскует по ушедшему из жизни брату The singer recalled a difficult loss. Her brother Sergei was killed two years ago, but the whole family Tereshinoy constantly remembers him. Tanya has repeatedly said that it was very difficult when the family member did not. Today, the day of the birth of her brother, she dedicated him a post in a social network, in which he told how he was.

      Singer Tanya Tereshina remembered the dreadful tragedy that touched her family on October 27, 2014. She lost my older brother Sergei, who died suddenly. When her close relative did not, according to star, she developed a hole in the soul, and her heart was filled with pain. Today, August 29, the man would have turned 45 years old. The artist devoted in his microblog a post to Sergey, in which he noted that the man was very kind, loved the sea.

      “The second birthday without him on this planet. Meanwhile, the gap in age between us is reduced. I often think about this. He very much loved the sea. Parents once prevented him to dedicate his life to the depths of the sea. Now, of course, terribly sorry. And he about it endlessly dreamed of since childhood. He was very kind. The kindest. Someday we’ll meet, I know. Love you and miss you,” wrote Tereshina, uploading a picture on the background of the sea.

      Tereshina will never forget Sergei, who always supported her in difficult moments. All of Tanya’s family liked to get together on weekends and holidays. After the brother of the singer had died, she had dedicated a poem to him:

      The first time I about the death of thought boldly,

      All I bought for myself: a coffin, a suit and a wreath

      And then you stared,

      Heard mom: “Son, how so, how could you?”.

      I’m your same age, maybe

      If God will spare, and older than you.

      You were a senior, and will be much younger.

      But only in my heart forever!

      By the way, the last time Tanya was increasingly beginning to wonder about your age. Currently 37-year-old singer is Dating a guy much younger than her. Some fans Tereshinoy condemn new Roman star Vadim Buharov, because I think that soon it will break with a young man. However, the singer pays no attention to such criticism, because she’s happy. Tanya and Vadim just recently returned from the Riviera. They had a great time on the beaches of Saint-Tropez and very close to each other, now try to not give up.

      Vadim has managed to affect habits Thani. “Two nights sleeping under the open sky on the upper deck. If you knew what a joy it is: open your eyes, and in front of you the sky with stars and moon, and all around in the lights, and hug you. It appears in the arms of sleep too. Honestly, I used to hate to sleep, when I touch even. Especially to fall asleep. So weird. Now I am suffering without it,” – said Tereshina.

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