Дочь Анастасии Заворотнюк поразила сходством со своей бабушкой Anna took the picture with my grandmother Valentina Borisovna and brother Michael. In the caption to frame the successor of the car crash has noted that she loves his family very much. Subscribers women believe that all members of the family bear a striking similarity to each other.

      Дочь Анастасии Заворотнюк поразила сходством со своей бабушкой

      Daughter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna is studying in the US, but it does not prevent her to come to visit the family on holidays. The grandmother has celebrated its 73-year anniversary. To congratulate a well-known theatre actress with this event came by her grandchildren: Anna and Michael. The heiress Zavorotnyuk shared a touching family scenes with your followers on social networks.

      “Brown-eyed family. Love them more than anything. I can not boast that my grandmother turned 73 yesterday, and it looks for all 18. My brother outgrew me by a whole head, and my grandma for two” – signed picture of Anna.
      Дочь Анастасии Заворотнюк поразила сходством со своей бабушкой

      Followers of Anna marveled at the resemblance between brother, sister and their grandmother. Valentina Zavorotnyuk played at the Astrakhan theatre theatre for young people, and, as expected she always watched her appearance. Some users of the social network now know who Anastasia and Anna were born so beautiful.

      Daughter Zavorotnyuk from businessman Dmitry striukove living and studying in the United States. According to Anastasia, it was hard to let go of the heir to another country, she was very worried at first as her child settled in a new place.

      Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: “Children are a great love and a great challenge”

      “Anya has become more Mature, more independent. However, the mother still does not let go from under the wing. Remember, it’s been two weeks since she left. Suddenly realized that incredibly bored and can’t sit in Moscow. I honestly tried to negotiate with them that I would not prosecute the daughter, give her the opportunity to be independent, but it so happened that I had business in the States, and Mike and I flew to her. Now every day communicate by phone, Skype, and facetime vatsu… And what else?”, – told Zavorotnyuk in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Anna went in her mother’s footsteps and also plans to connect his life with the film industry. The girl has managed to play one of the roles in the TV series “school Closed” and tried his hand in television as a presenter. In the US, the heiress Zavorotnyuk moonlights as a model. According to Anastasia, the daughter will return to Russia when I finish Institute. Anna loves Moscow, she has many friends here, so she never thought about staying in America.

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