The winner of “Eurovision” told us about behind-the-scenes conversation with Sergey Lazarev

Победительница «Евровидения» рассказала про закулисный разговор с Сергеем Лазаревым
Singer Jamal was shocked by the behavior of the Russian singer.

Sergey Lazarev

Photo: @lazarevsergey (Instagram Sergey Lazarev)

On return from
Stockholm home singer Jamal gave an interview in which he told reporters
about the secret conversation with Sergey Lazarev. The conversation between the performers was held for
the scenes in just a few minutes before going on stage in the final of “Eurovision”.

“He came up to me and
said, “I wish you good luck!”, and I reciprocated. He was very strong
room, thoughtful details!” — told Jamal. It turns out that the singer was
pleasantly surprised by the boldness of Sergei, because, according to her, he was
a lot of pressure. By the way, Lazarev was among the first who congratulated Jamal with
winning the contest.

However, the conquered
first place in the contest Ukrainian singer is still a matter of ardent debate among
fans. So, for example, recently more than 300 thousand people signed a petition
a demand to reconsider the results of Eurovision. And recently opened hard
violations of the rules of the competition from the Ukrainian singer, but the scandal was quickly hushed up
the organizing Committee of the song contest.

“We understand that not all
I agree with the results of the contest “Eurovision”, — said in a statement. — However,
competition where results are determined on the basis of subjective and often very
personal opinions, there will always be people who disagree. Despite this,
the results will remain valid.”

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