Charlize Theron and Sean Penn met for the first time after a break up

Шарлиз Терон и Шон Пенн впервые встретились после разрыва
The former lovers were forced to be together for the premiere of the film Sean Penn at Cannes a year after showed the same love to each other.

Шарлиз Терон и Шон Пенн впервые встретились после разрыва

Charlize Theron

Photo: @Instagram charlizeafrica Charlize Theron

The last evening of the festival in Kanne waited with great anticipation. In the competition program showed a film of Sean Penn’s “the Last face”, where the main female role was played by Charlize Theron, his ex-girlfriend. Exactly a year ago this pair stole the show at Cannes – Charlize sported on the stairs along with her came to support Penn (then in the framework of the festival showed which became a hit film of George Miller’s “Mad Max: fury Road”, which starred actress), and their love was truly enchanting. It was about the wedding and that they both finally found each other and found their other halves. However, shortly after the end of the festival Charlize and Sean suddenly announced a break.

There were rumors that it all happened on the initiative of Charlize. Talked about the fact that in many respects the reason of the quarrels and disagreements that occurred at the site of the film, the Director who was Sean Penn. The shooting took place in Africa, a country where she was born and raised Charlize. But as you know, never mix business and entertainment. In the fall when Charlize was forced to arrive at the request of the Director for some work, they barely spoke to each other. And obviously both of them to communicate or even just to be around it was very hard.

And here a year later, Charlize was forced to come to Cannes because the film is her former lover (she played in it for a couple with Javier Bardem) was selected for the competitive program. On the stairs Charlize masculine tailoring in the tuxedo, sexy white blouse, with diamond jewelry and slicked-down hair looked stunning as usual. But she was not smiling. Grim was and Sean Penn. They purposely stood so that between them there were at least two more people, a member of the crew. And when Charlize still tried to Express their respect for the Director at the top of the stairs, he couldn’t even pretend to be unhappy and was staring to the side, while Theron of prinimala and kissed him on the cheek.

More relaxed old lovers felt only in the company of 25-year-old daughter Dylan Penn and his son 22-year-old hopper. Both came to the premiere with his father and posed in front of cameras. The film took more than cool, at a press screening simply booed, and such failure is for Sean Penn, wants to get the highest award of the festival, was the last blow. Good thing he took with him his children (from his ex-wife actress Robin Wright). After all, Charlize, though not refused to comply with their professional obligations, is unlikely to serve his comfort. And Dylan and hopper were always with her great relationship, and they stayed the same after everything that’s happened.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn

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