Dmitry Shepelev touching confession of love Zhanna Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев трогательно признался в любви Жанне Фриске
The broadcaster is ready to allow Vladimir Kopylov to see her grandson.

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske


Dmitry Shepelev made
explicit recognition within the framework of the prank show “call”. The presenters, posing as Kopylov — the father of Jeanne Friske, Dmitry called and talked
with him on behalf of Vladimir. The resulting conversation, Shepelev told about
his feelings for Jeanne. To “fake a conversation” with Dimitri leading used phrase
Kopylova, “glued” from previous interviews. And here are the responses of the beloved Jeanne, who died tragically almost a year ago, were the most that neither is sincere.

“I came to your house
an open heart. I took care of your daughter because you love your daughter. All
what do you spread on TV is a lie. I love your daughter
still. I cared about her from the first to the last day, and I did everything for
that she remained with you and with me. And we won
her two years. If I didn’t love your daughter — I would have gone in the first day. I was
her two years were the most difficult two years of my life. I’m grayer, I have matured
two years, but I’m not sorry because I love your daughter!” — admitted Dmitry.

The conversation also
it became clear, why Shepelev yet not let anyone from the family of Jeanne to your
son — to Plato.

“That’s all you did. I
silent. Listen to me, I don’t mind you talking with the child, but there is
many troubles, which you have done to date. I want to have Plato
was grandparents. I’m not at liberty to say who is bad and who is good, I just
judging by the circumstances. Everything that happened between us the last few
months, including an altercation, when you have brought children who are in Federal
wanted. I think it’s dangerous for my son. I know you from all of us
experienced the most severe loss — you lost a daughter. I do not defend myself, I protect
my child. I will defend my son as long as you do not release
couples will not rest and will not get cleaned up…” — said Dmitry.

It turned out that Shepelev
not against “to settle” with Mr, but only on the condition that he will take
ago all the “dirty” Kopylov said in his address. Dmitry, in his
the words, ashamed of what he became involved in what is happening.

By the way, when
announced the release of prank show featuring Kopylov, Vladimir was extremely shocked
what is happening. He wrote a complaint against the TV channel and demanded from the leadership to
the recording is not broadcast. In his opinion, “fake call” — nothing else
as violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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