The wind in your hair: the most daring hairstyles of this season

Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезона “StarHit” has gathered the latest trends from the spring shows and told us how to turn runway images to life. Now carefully collected the hair, and casually loose strands look like very relevant and fresh, and the fashionistas there was space for imagination.

      Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезона

      “Among the current hairstyles of the coming of spring is dominated by the naturalness and natural beauty. Styling can be smooth or voluminous, but most importantly – natural. In fashion and gently removed the hair, and casually messy, complex weave, and a low tail”, – has explained to readers “StarHit” Emil Karimov, art Director of the Moscow Studio of beauty BRIDGET.

      Just off the beach

      Beachy hair from simply flowing hair features a texture should look like you spent at least a couple of hours in the sun, the wind, salty water, which confused hair. For the kind of styling need to spray sea-water. To strands looked the most impressive, apply styling to clean, damp hair, evenly distributing the agent throughout its length. Do not forget about the roots of sea-spray thickens hair, adding volume. Be sure to dry your hair.

      Hollywood chic

      At the height of fashion – lush curls, which was played in the salons of the 80s. Curly girls I advise you to arm yourself moisturizing sprays. For smaller curls use a narrow cone Curling iron for large curls is wide.
      Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезона

      This spring, twist the curls in the spirit of old Hollywood. Want to learn how? Take a wide Curling iron and immolate strands until they have cooled. Refrain from heavy styling products, otherwise you will destroy the structure of the installation. Best suited lucky easy fixing and sprays to add Shine.

      ALL BEAM!

      Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезонаBeam, without a doubt, one of the most popular hairstyles. It looks feminine and stylish, can be done as a neat knot and sloppy with a basal volume. To create a three-dimensional beam, apply a fixative spray on the hair and on the comb so you distribute the product as uniformly as possible. You can use any flat brush.

      Next, braid the hair in braids or curl tapered Curling iron, then sprinkle with varnish medium of fixation or dry shampoo. Secure with Bobby pins. If you have fine hair, gather it in a ponytail, slightly necesite it and then twist into a bun.


      Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезона

      What hairstyle to make for parties and Dating, important business meeting or just going to work? Our answer is tail. The most comfortable and practical hairstyle never goes out of fashion. The tail has hundreds of variations. Don’t be afraid to show imagination and to experiment. To make the look more festive, try to curl the ends in big curls or give your hair the root volume. The fashion trick is to twist the tail strand of hair like a rubber band. A most unusual format – a high ponytail almost on the top.

      WET WORK

      Ветер в волосах: самые смелые прически этого сезона

      To feel like Aphrodite, and not buying a ticket to Cyprus. Enough to style your hair like you just emerged from the sea foam. This hairstyle looks great on wavy hair. To the “wet” styling didn’t seem frozen crust, do not apply modeling tools to the entire head at once. Lift the hair and “wet” first, those on the nape. Then treat the rest, dividing them into narrow strands. In the end, to make the laying of mobility, comb the hair with your fingers.


      Every spring braids traditionally return to top the most important beauty trends. If you are not as in netting, its time to learn. In contrast to the girly pigtails, a tight and strict, braids adult girls should look playfully. Sophisticated or sloppy netting opens the face, it gives personality and makes you fashionable.

      And remember: the scythe to keep the form, change the texture. The hair will not be slippery, if you use the texturizing means, from sprays and wax to dry shampoos. Don’t spare varnish. You can handle them strands during weaving. And finished style fix, not afraid to overdo it – this is just the case when a stiffener is not to achieve the desired effect. Secure stray strands. Hold a strand in the center invisible, fully curl her hair and popliteus inside braids – so it will not be visible.