Братья Чадовы разочаровались в любви Alex and Andrew did not like to talk much about his personal life, but they have to discuss with journalists about this topic. After the divorce with Agnia Ditkovskite, one of the performers is suspicious for a serious relationship. Brother supports his point of view.

      Alex and Andrew Shadowy a lot of time together. Brothers starring in television series, movies and even advertising. Relatives prefer to give two interviews since it is easier to answer some questions. The brothers recently admitted that he is not looking for a serious relationship. They believe that the concept of “love” has become too superficial.

      Andrey Chadov explained how brother suffered a divorce from Ditkovskite

      Alex explained that for him the noblest sentiments remained in the distant Soviet past since the current generation is less concerned with these problems. It is obvious that the actor began to talk after the divorce with actress Agnia Ditkovskite. They lived together for several years, and during that time they had a son Theodore. It seemed that in their family reigns idyll, but at some point the couple decided to divorce.

      “Love is in the past. It is our grandparents sixty years, lived together, and, thank God, continue to live. Earlier people were afraid to get a divorce. It looked, to put it mildly, not comme Il faut. In me, apparently there’s a gene – “Soviet”,” said Alex.

      I must say that Andrew fully supports brother and provides him with the necessary assistance. According to his own memoirs, after the divorce Chadova, Jr., they have come quite a difficult period. Alex didn’t understand how to live further, but he found the strength to cope with the problems. The first year he lived at Andrew, and he almost never went out. The joint efforts of the relatives were able to get out of the crisis.

      “For the first time after my divorce, I felt uncomfortable. But in Los Angeles, for example, all the way live. Where people converge, diverge, have children, and live our lives. But I believe that children under a certain age should have to grow up in a complete family,” added Alex.

      It is important to note that Andrew and Alex have repeatedly said in interviews that he would like to have a complete family in which the child can feel as comfortable as possible. “You know, when people grew up in single-parent family, and dreamed that he was full, and these dreams are crumbling, of course, difficult,” said Andrew in an interview with “OK!”. For the brothers it is also important that the child Alexei is growing happy.

      Andrew I wonder how he feels Fedor, and he is very happy any meeting with her nephew. By the way, Alex often sees an heir. Together with his ex-wife, they decided that the boy will be spending the first two weeks of the month with dad and one with mom.