Пелагея впервые после родов вышла на сцену The singer took part in the anniversary concert Nicholas Rastorguev. Pelageya appeared in public a month after the birth of her daughter. A young mother looks beautiful and glowing with happiness. The audience enthusiastically received the performance singer and her duet with the soloist of group “lube”.

      Пелагея впервые после родов вышла на сцену

      In these festive days in the capital’s concert hall “Crocus city Hall” performances are held anniversary Nikolay Rastorguev and group “Luba”. 21 Feb musician celebrated its 60th anniversary.

      Fans of the musician who came on his anniversary night, waited with many surprises. The stars played the hits of the group as a solo artist or in a duet with Nikolay Rastorguev. At some point, the celebrant himself declared the singer Pelageya.

      “And now, the stage is a young mother, the singer Pelageya”, – announced the release of the singer Nikolay Rastorguev. “Oh, it’s my first time out of the house,” admitted Pelagia, barely appearing in the background.

      Singer, appeared in public exactly one month after the birth of her daughter, immediately tore the applause of the audience. The audience could not help but note how beautiful it looks Pelagia. Black dress with floral print emphasized slender figure of the young mother. And the vocals were, as always inimitable. In a duet with Nikolay Rastorguev Pelageya performed the song “Horse”. Hall was ecstatic and sang along with the singers brought the audience a lot of fun with his gorgeous a Capella performance.

      The appearance of Pelagia at the concert created a furor among loyal fans of the singer and mentor of the project of the First channel “Voice”. And no wonder. After all, the singer tried not to remind myself almost the entire pregnancy. Obviously, waiting for the firstborn young woman didn’t want her interesting position was widely discussed on the Internet. Now fans of the singer in social networks share her pictures taken behind the scenes of the concert and spread in the Network video of the Duo Pelagia and Nikolay Rastorguev.

      We will remind, the singer first became a mother on January 21 of this year. Her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin Pelageya gave a charming daughter by the name of Taisia. Happy father Sam told reporters about the new addition to the family, unable to keep his emotions to himself after victory. Pelagia for the first time became a mother

      “When a goal is scored, rocked the stick, because the child was born. Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium was presented as a gift roly-poly doll”, the athlete said on January 22.