Диана Шурыгина ответила недоброжелателям в прямом эфире She decided to talk with the subscribers and tell what is going on in her life after participating in several on transfer “Let speak”. For several weeks she continues to receive numerous questions. Diana decided to speak in Instagram.

      Диана Шурыгина ответила недоброжелателям в прямом эфире

      In late January, the public was excited about the news about the rape of 16-year-old girl from Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina. According to the victim, during a party in the mansion she was subjected to sexual assault by two guys. One of them was Sergey Semenov.

      After the release of three esters with the participation of Shurygino the public divided into two camps. Some supported the girl in a difficult situation, recognizing that the young man was wrong. Other netizens created a petition, which spoke in defense of Sergey Semenov. His parents try all means to prove his innocence. Diana decided to clarify the situation and recorded a video message for Network users.

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      “What do you mean I write that I have planted the kid. I have not put anybody anywhere, I wrote a statement and made under the law. Began examination, verification, confrontation, all carefully checked. I really hate this situation. On ships I would say. Let sit, deserve!” – said the girl.
      Диана Шурыгина ответила недоброжелателям в прямом эфире

      While interacting with followers Diana also said that on the day of release of “Let them talk” her mother called and said that grandpa schoolgirl died suddenly. It was a real shock, so she was very hard to communicate with guests in the Studio. “I was in shock, but I recovered, I realized that I needed to move on. For the sake of living, for the sake of truth. I’ll stand my ground, I’m trying to prove something that really was,” added Diana.

      Many netizens react negatively to the words of the girl, believing that she is holding something back and trying to hide the true motives of his conduct. However, in the Internet appeared several communities in which supporters schoolgirl defending its position and trying to prove that she’s telling the truth. “Enough to believe the gossip, why would a girl of 16 years to plant someone?”, “I don’t understand why you all are angry with her, you were not there and did not hold a candle”, “Diana, patience to you, it is very difficult when the whole world is against you, but you have to stand your ground,” Shurygin supported in the Network.

      Диана Шурыгина ответила недоброжелателям в прямом эфире

      On top of that Diana said that was subjected to harsh bullying from his friends. According to her, detractors even try to get her out of town. As told to Diana followers, her family even received threats of violence. The girl confessed that he was afraid for his life.

      The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

      “I still say it’s my fault, although I quite uncomplicated. Me made a real hunt, and I just have to sit tight and react to it. I threatened to pour sulfuric acid. Is this normal?” – open up the Diana.

      Despite all the events in the life of Shurygino, it does not lose the optimistic attitude. As Diane said, she managed again to find a young man. However, according to the girl, they recently broke up. About the reasons Shurygina chose not to tell.