Антон Гусев: «Я знаю, что Женя меня никогда не любила» The star of “House-2” said the statement by his former wife. Anton Gusev felt that Eugenia Feofilaktova treat him without sympathy. She recently admitted that they did not feel strong feelings for their partner.

      In late December, the stars of “House-2” Anton Gusev and Evgeny Feofilaktova officially divorced. However, fans found out that they broke up a few months before the trial. Recently, Eugene admitted that in her opinion, she never loved any man. “StarHit” contacted Anton to find out, do not hurt him the statement of the former wife. Eugene Feofilaktova openly spoke about her feelings for ex-wife

      “I know she’s never loved someone, I could feel it. Now I keenly felt the contrast with Vika. Now I know how it feels to love and when not to. I hope Jack loves our son Daniel, I think that this is so. And the fact that she felt no hard feelings to any man – I do not doubt it. Because when you love, you give completely as she now. I was not hurt to hear it from Eugene, we both to divorce approached consciously, I have no regrets, I hate what broke up the family. I don’t know what love means for him and did not understand until now. So I’m not surprised by this statement,” – said Gusev.

      Now Anton Gusev building a relationship with Victoria romanet. At the end of last year he made her an offer of marriage. In January they went on a romantic trip. Moreover, the man decided to take with him his son Daniel. They had a great time together.

      Eugene fears that her ex-spouse will get cold feelings for Victoria romanet, and he decides to return to her. Feofilaktova is not going to forgive ex-husband, but because he wants to find harmony in his personal life. Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

      Now Gusev called Victoria “my treasure” and tries to do everything, make her feel happy. Not so long ago, fans started a rumor that Romanets was expecting a baby from a man. Victoria hastened to refute this information.

      “Dear friends, the Internet began to spread rumors that Victoria romanet is in position. For some it will be a disappointment for someone is a joy, but I’m not in the position. I’m not pregnant and I don’t expect either twins or triplets. I have no time. I just donut. Can overeat or to wear shapeless things, because I’m comfortable in them. This does not mean that I’m pregnant,” said Victoria romanet.

      Anton regretted that Victoria had not met in his life before. However, he is glad that now he has found true happiness.