Анна Семенович задумалась об усыновлении ребенка The artist is not once hinted that in the near future is going to be a mom. According to star, she plans to prepare for this happy event. Besides, Anna does not exclude that can take a child from the orphanage.

      Anna Semenovich managed to establish myself as a professional artist. The woman says with pride about their achievements, believing that success comes only to those who are trying. Despite the fame and popularity, the star often thinks about the children. For several years, Anna believed that even do not have an opportune moment. And now the celebrity admits that she would have two children. Besides, one of the kids, Anna is ready to take from the orphanage.

      Anna Semenovich is ready to the status of single mothers

      Currently, Kiva has a boyfriend, which she tries not to tell the General public. It seems that the personal life should remain untouched topic. Anyway, she has admitted that planning her wedding. Probably serious intentions of the chosen one pushed the singer to think seriously about the new addition to the family.

      “Someday, I’m sure I will have two children. One may well be receiving. I had always wanted to make happy at least one kid who is not fortunate at birth. And, it doesn’t matter at the moment married or not, I was able to raise their own children. While my maternal instinct woke up, unclear, what thoughts come to mind when you see your own child. Suddenly something clicks and I start to give birth every year?” – admitted the actress.

      Semenovich has mentioned that he plans to go with someone in a romantic journey. And perhaps it was at this point she is ripe for pregnancy. Anna tries not to adhere to a strict template otnositelno age and when to get married and have children. For Anna, these moments are translational and requires careful thought.

      “I’m close to becoming a mom. Children is a huge responsibility, I want to carry her, and not to shift care of the baby for the parents or the nanny. Maybe summer will let the situation go with your beloved to leave, and there let it happen if it please God,” said the mayor.

      Speaking about pregnancy, the actress admits that she has awareness of herself as a mother, it’s quite late, I believe that it’s long enough to grow up. According to the singer, she’s 23 years tried alcohol and led a rather modest lifestyle. The woman was trying not to waste your time on relationships and chose only those men who had serious intentions.

      “I don’t think that if a woman has not given birth before 35-37 years, it’s a nightmare. Someone was chosen to be mother in 20 years, some don’t. I’m a late bloomer. As I said, to 23 years did not know even the taste of wine, ever seen, was naive as a child. And now I finally feel like an adult,” said the celebrity.

      It is worth noting that S. loves to interact with fans on a variety of topics. Women often publishes photographs which leaves a long reflection. In recognition of the star, she likes to argue with fans. “I talk to many women on urgent topics: how to love yourself, believe in your own strength, begin to act. We all know a lot of things, but for some reason pants and let life take its course, and it’s the wrong position. I’m always looking for answers to personal questions, took my lumps, made conclusions, read the right books, practiced meditation, various spiritual practices. Many things went through, and I have something to share,” – said Anna Semenovich in an interview with “Telenedelya”.