Семья Михалкова занялась продажей садовых инструментов и семян Heir to a famous dynasty and his wife are exploring a new business direction. The couple has long lived out of town and knows all the details of farming. Stephen and Elizabeth Mikhalkov decided to share the experience with others.

      Семья Михалкова занялась продажей садовых инструментов и семян

      Business of the eldest son of Nikita, a 50-year-old Stephan, the last few years has been going downhill. Its furniture boutiques in Saint-Petersburg and Tver was closed, the same fate befell several restaurants. The crisis has passed, “vanilla” and “Breeze”, and a network of bakeries “Bread&Co”. Inspired by life in the country, Stephen and his sous-pruga Elizabeth decided to try his hand at something new – opened store “Patch. New style” for the sale of garden tools, fertilizers, seeds.

      Stepan Mikhalkov declared itself bankrupt

      You can purchase everything in the Internet and in bakery chain Stepan. The prices are quite affordable: wooden rake worth 1250 rubles, the fertilizer – 180, and gardening gloves for roses – 2350.

      “My friend Natalia Dozortseva are huge fans of gardening, says Elizabeth Mikhalkov. – You plant, cultivate, cook. So I decided to share the knowledge.”

      The girls made pages in social networks, and recently launched a website, opened points of sales. In addition, a successful model in the past, happy to share with investigators of the lunar sowing calendar telling you which day is better to plant parsley or pepper. In addition to work in the garden Mikhalkov spend a lot of time helping statistics representation of the “Grace” of the father Meliton.

      Семья Михалкова занялась продажей садовых инструментов и семян

      “Last week we returned from a trip to the Holy places of Greece, says “StarHit” the priest. – Stephen and Elizabeth were also with us. Visited the churches of Thessaloniki, venerated the relics of saints, blessed by schema-monk Gabriel of Athos, up in the mountains to the majestic Meteora and visited the monastery of Hilandar”.

      Here grows the vine of St. Simeon the myrrh-streaming, with the wine from which childless couples come from all over the world. In October 2016 it was removed from the new crop, which I tried and wife Mikhalkov. Yet they do not have common children – Stepan from his first marriage grow three: Alexander, Vasily, and Pyotr.