Пэрис Джексон снова говорит об отце

The daughter of the king of pop, Paris Jackson is gradually making its way in show business. the girl is increasingly on the pages of various publications, CR Fashion Book is no exception. In addition to photo shoots involving girls, journal, and published her interview in which she talks about her dad and what he did for her.

So, Paris said that her father was a man with a huge heart and all he did was done with great love and sincerity. “He inspired me. I’d say 99 percent of my confidence depended on his faith in me. He was my world,” admitted Jackson.

Despite this, Paris says she wasn’t looking to follow in his father’s footsteps in the music industry. “I use music for other purposes, says Paris. – It’s not what I want to do in life. In my family, so many amazing artists. If I wanted to do music professionally, then it would change my attitude. I don’t want this to happen”.

Paris admits that she is much more close the acting. In this regard, she intends to work and develop.