Марина Александрова пожаловалась на тяжесть короны
The actress spoke about the difficulties faced on the set of the TV series “Ekaterina. Rise.”

Marina Aleksandrova admits that her work in the new
the TV series “Ekaterina. Rise”, which comes out on February 27 on the TV channel “Russia” more
road than the previous one, in the project “Catherine” because she was much
harder. The new history of the heroine Alexandrova has evolved from a German Princess
Fike to the Russian Empress Catherine Alekseevna, and the plot rules the country
for the sixth year.

“I had to teach at 13-15 pages of text, —
says Marina Aleksandrova. — At some point I came home from the shoot
said to her husband: “Now I understand how hard our President, how many
you need to keep in mind, and what should just remember the name and patronymic of Ministers
he’s at the table!”. Remember, he shot scenes for the advice, and I keep that one partner,
then another: “Yes, Ivan Ivanovich? What do you, Sergey?”. (Laughs).

Marina noted that her “Catherine. Rise” is
first of all, a story about passions, emotions and love. “Catherine said
would like to have a three-fold love: Peter, by Elizabeth,
we showed in the first part, and by the people is, of course, for the second
part,” – said Alexandrov.