Филипп Киркоров держит своих детей подальше от сцены
The singer is active and develops a daughter and a son.

Philip Kirkorov with children

Photo: @allavictoriyakirkorova/Instagram

Many children of stars due to their parents go on
the stage, in films, participate in the show. Daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia together
mom is already on tour and on stage as a singer, daughter Jasmine
Margaret also wants the stage to sing along with favorite songs mother and son
Evgeni Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha takes part in the ice show dad.
How to claim the stars, and they thus develop kids show from the inside
his profession.

But Philip, on the contrary, does not want his children, Alla-Victoria and
Martin was walking in his footsteps, lived the touring life and,
maybe ill “star disease”. The king of pop sure now his children
you need a good education, care and love, and then, when they grow up,
decide what I want to do.

“My children live their lives. They from morning to
late in the evening are busy with their lessons. They have quite a busy schedule:
tennis, dancing, karate, English, — said Kirkorov. — Let others
artists derive their children on stage, and my let them play their games
and learn”.

By the way, at the moment Philip is building a big
Playground at his country house. “I want to build my own little Disneyland.
This small amusement Park where children will play, says
the king of pop. — I do everything for them.”

Recall recently, it was reported that soon in the family
Philip Kirkorov will happen replenishment: the singer admitted that wants
experience the joy of fatherhood. In the family of the king of pop grow two charming
children: 5-year-old Alla-Victoria and 4-year-old Martin. Apparently Kirkorov is a very
wants the house lived another little man. However, when will happen
this event is not yet known. While the singer only shares his plans, but he
confidently declares that he has as
at least a quarter of a century to implement this idea.

At the moment Kirkorov has only one goal — to create
all the conditions for a better future for their children.
And he like no other knows how to turn their children’s lives in a fairy tale.