Аглая Шиловская рассказала о мистике на съемках фильма «Вурдалаки».
The actress played the lead female role in the new film.

Aglaya Shilovskaya

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Now, Aglaya Shilovskaya, which is in the “Ghouls”
(Production center “GOROD”) played a village girl Milena, with a smile
recalls how he received the injury on the first day of shooting.

“You made our
with Igor Khripunov difficult stage in the story he kidnaps my character, and we
them together a really bad fall, told Aglaya 7days.ru. — I broke my knee, had a huge hematoma. Igor so
I worried even more than I do myself, he is a very polite young man,
and the actor is talented and wonderful. “Igor — say — forget it!”. Then another
my horse stepped on your foot. Of course it was bolnovato, but still fun. Have
us on the Playground and with other actors happened such accident
production character, for me it’s something from the category of mysticism”.

Because the picture of the “Ghouls” mystical, directed by Sergey Ginzburg held a prayer service. “Which of course pleased me, says Aglaia. But I
can’t say that take seriously the mystique, I am an Orthodox man.”